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It’s not called RSS anymore…

The BBC have been rolling out a few changes to BBC News Online as of late – and one of these seems to be removal of most references to ‘RSS’.
The Beeb have been onboard with the whole feed syndication thing for quite some time now and most areas of their news site have corresponding feeds – I subscribe to their Bradford and West Yorkshire feed, for example, as well as their Technology section. But they’re no longer referred to as ‘RSS’ feeds – the BBC now call them ‘news feeds’. They’ve also adopted the standard feed icon that Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and Opera use *.

Personally I think this is something well overdue. Though I prefer Atom for a variety of reasons, Atom and RSS are essentially the same thing. Calling them ‘feeds’ and having aggregators and newsreaders accept both formats means less confusion for users.

* That said, Apple does seem to be sticking with ‘RSS’ in its products, even if its competitors have standardised on an alternative.


  1. I don’t have any preference between RSS and Atom, but I’ll still grieve the loss of those three letters if only because they made such a handy search term.

  2. Great to hear another site dropping those silly orange XML or RSS buttons which aren’t of much use to anyone anymore. Standardisation is the key!
    I bet Dave Winer’s moaning about it though. 😉
    I recently added the feed icon to my own site, something I’d been meaning to do for months and never gotten around to it.