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It’s here

The MacBook is here, and currently downloading about 10 system updates. Unfortunately, I have an exam in 3 hours so I can’t play with it much, but for now I can say the following:

  • Wow, it’s so small and light
  • The battery seems to be charging up really quickly
  • I really wish my Mac Mini had an Apple Remote

More later (including photos), after I’ve spent 2 hours sat in a room writing about internet security and encryption protocols.


  1. Shame that the Core 2 Duo processors are scheduled for next month.

  2. good luck with the exam, i’m sure you’ll do great

  3. Battery will take longer to charge later. I’m pretty sure that the battery had a charge when I first got it. I don’t remember now.
    Yeah, I really love Front Row on the MacBook. I use my MacBook for watching downloaded TV shows all the time. Later, i want to get a Mac Mini to hook up to my home entertainment system so that I can watch IPTV shows on a larger screen, as well as play my music, watch slideshows, etc…
    My favorite feature is the lack of a latch to hold the display down to the base when closed. I also love the ability to connect a second monitor up to it and drive the MacBook with that second monitor instead of the small 13″ screen. I was using the MacBook as my desktop computer until the Mac Pro came.

  4. Glad to hear that you like it so far. My Macbook is the best computer I have ever owned.