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My MacBook, and Hari’s iPod, are apparently in Nuneaton at the moment, according to UPS’s tracking system. With a bit of luck they’ll be in Bradford on Monday.

Things have been busy lately, and continue to be so. Last week I was manning the university’s Clearing helpline again, and this week I’ll be doing a bit of that as well as re-sitting some exams. In other words, if I’ve not been working, I’ve been revising (or finding a reason not to revise). The first two exams are relatively tame but the latter two are quite evil, especially the one I have this Thursday. I’ll have to resist spending all my time with the new laptop too if to pass them.

Hari’s going to her parents’ house for a couple of days for family reasons tomorrow, so I won’t have her around for a while which is a shame; unfortunately it’s not something she can really avoid going to. I’d be there too, if it weren’t for these exams.

I’ve also just spent $5 on a program called Disco, via macZOT!. This is despite Disco not being ready for release, and its features are mostly secret, but it’s only $5 and it’s by the same people as AppZapper which I’ve reviewed in the past and liked. It could be a complete turkey, of course…

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  1. Yeah, I got sucked into that too. 🙂
    You know, it’s kind of funny. I saw the info on it, saw it was from the AppZapper guys and figured, what can I lose except 5 bucks.
    My guess is that it’s some kind of CD/DVD burning software. Or maybe a virtual CD drive. Either way, I’m guessing I can’t go wrong by buying into the hype. 🙂