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MacBook is on its way

The good news is that my MacBook is finally on its way. It should have been shipped last Thursday but wasn’t shipped until last night – presumably due to a post-WWDC rise in orders and because I wanted a RAM upgrade and not an off-the-shelf model. It’s due to arrive sometime early next week.

I can also reveal what I’m buying Hari for her birthday in September: an iPod Nano. It’s the 2 GB model, in black, and I’ve also had it laser engraved. You may be wondering how the hell I can afford such a thing, but it’s because Apple have an offer on which means that if you order a Mac and an iPod at the same time, you can claim a £100 rebate. Combine this with the student discount, and you can essentially get a legitimate 2 GB iPod Nano for £19, directly from Apple. I think the offer is only being promoted to students buying through the NUS, UCAS or their HE institution though.

It’s a pretty sweet deal (especially as the laser engraving is free too) – after rebate, I’ll have paid £735 for both the MacBook and the iPod. At full price they would cost £963, so I’m saving almost £230. Which is awesome, especially as I’m not swimming in cash at the moment.

Of course, I will probably get iPod envy when Hari’s iPod arrives – though my 2-year-old iPod Mini is still working fine despite being dropped several times I’d still love to get my hands on a Nano for myself.


  1. Congrats! Maybe it’s harder for you to get great deals on RAM like we can in the states, but NEWEGG.COM has the RAM the MacBook uses for “way” less than Apple sells it. I bought the base MacBook and upgraded to 2GB for about $180.
    I just got my Mac Pro on Monday and am now in the process of moving all my files over to it. The MacBook to MacPro was really easy with Apple’s migration software.
    Now I’m migrating all my Windows files (music, pictures, etc). I’m worried about iTunes. I want to make sure I don’t lose any of my ratings and play counts. I have some resources I have found prior to my switch. I just need to do it.
    The Mac Pro is awesome. I got the 2.66GHz version with 500GB HD and 2GB RAM. I found a great deal yesterday at NEWEGG.COM for a 500GB SATA HD for $199.99! I bought that in a second. So I’ll have 1TB on the Pro tonight. 🙂
    Enjoy the MacBook… I know you will, I love mine!

  2. Hope yours works. I bought mine last Friday. I used it over the weekend and loved it. On Monday night, it failed to start. On Tuesday, I got a full refund. I bought it despite knowing there are issues with MacBooks. I didn’t think I would be unlucky enough to get a faulty unit but I did.
    Also had to take the ipod nano back because of the rebate. Gave it to my dad but had to take it back off him which felt horrible.
    I genuinally hope you’re lucky and if you are, the mooing doesn’t get on your nerves.

  3. MattM: “I bought it despite knowing there are issues with MacBooks.”
    What issues would those be? I have had mine for well over 2 months now without a problem at all.

  4. I think they would be:
    * Some white MacBooks discolouring
    * The fact that they run warm
    * Problems with vents being covered with plastic
    There are problems with all new computers though – Apple just has a higher profile than some other companies. Still, here’s hoping that mine is okay 🙂 .

  5. I’m sure yours will be fine Neil. The list of “problems” you gave don’t explain Matt’s not starting problem.
    The “running warm” problem is easily resolved. I ran a program called Temperature Monitor for a while to see just what the CPU’s were getting to. They would start at room temp, and get to about 160F during normal use and maybe up to 180F hard use (cpus at 80% or better). The fan would really kick in then.
    I bought a nice $20 gadget that sits under the notebook. It has 2 fans that pull air from under the notebook and blows it out the back. It’s the Targus ChillHub. That brought the temperature down about 30 degrees. It’s extremely quiet. I keep forgetting it’s on. It has 4 USB 2.0 ports that act as a USB hub. The only drawback is that it has a power adapter, no batteries and isn’t powered by the USB buss.
    As for the vents being covered with plastic. I thought that was an isolated case.
    And the discoloring… I haven’t seen it yet. Not sure I’m going to worry about it even if it does. It’s a notebook.

  6. Doesn’t Hari read your blog? Even if she says she doesn’t, I bet she does

  7. She does, but then she’s known about this for a few days now 🙂 . I didn’t want to buy it for her and then find that she didn’t want it.
    Dave: Thanks for the tips. I’ll get Temperature Monitor when it arrives.

  8. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Congratulations for having a MAc.
    Those sweeties are very handy from my experience.