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Free backup internet for PlusNet customers

I know several of you are PlusNet customers, so if you are, make a note of the following phone number:

0808 9933270

This is a freephone dial-up number that you can use in the unlikely event that your ADSL is down. Use your PlusNet username (without the bit) and password to connect. Previously the backup number was an 0845 number (roughly equivalent to local rate) so this is a welcome move, though in all fairness I’ve only had to use it on very rare occasions.


  1. Presumably there’s a limit on how much you can use it and from where? Otherwise what’s to stop you giving your account details to all your friends still on dialup and so giving them totally free internet access?

  2. I have no idea. The number is supposed to only be given out if a customer is having an issue with their ADSL connection and an instant fix cannot be found, however, I found the number on PlusNet’s web site so I put it here for the benefit of Google searchers.

  3. Tracking usage should be easy. You’ll need to use your username which is connected to your phone number.