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  • So, yesterday Hari met about 90% of my family, having previously only met my parents – daunting, but she coped. My family seems to approve of her though which is good. We’ll have been dating for 10 months on Tuesday.
  • While there, we saw our family’s latest arrival – he’s now 3 months old, and very cute. And yes, we know the irony of calling him Will Turner.
  • MacBook was supposed to be shipping on Thursday, but it hasn’t yet. Apple haven’t charged me anything yet though so I suppose that’s a good thing. Maybe they’re bogged down with orders for Mac Pros – a computer that I don’t really need and certainly can’t afford, but by ‘eck do I want one…
  • While coming back to Bradford on the train today it was raining very heavily. The train was a rattly old thing and when I got up to get off at Bradford Interchange I found part of my right leg was soaked. I told the conductor that his train was leaking, to which the response was “Don’t worry mate, it’s leaking in the cab too – we’ve obviously run out of sticky tape…”. Cue a comment from Hari saying “I knew you’d blog that…”.
  • Here’s a Googlebomb for you – stick “git wizard” into Google and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”. See, even Radio 4 listeners can have their fun.
  • Tomorrow the university’s preparations for Clearing get fully underway. We don’t start taking calls until Thursday, when A-level results come out, so the next few days will be spent making sure everything’s ready. This is the third year I’ve done it and I’m being treated essentially as a member of staff this time, which should prove interesting, since come Thursday I’m less sure what I’ll actually be doing – it could be answering phones, being a supervisor or a bit of both. We’ll see.


  1. Will is super cute!

  2. He is isn’t he? Absolutely gorgeous!