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Ill or Busy

There’s a few reasons why I haven’t blogged lately. The first is that the random bug that hit me at the weekend returned yesterday and so I spent most of the evening asleep (and will be going to bed when I finish this, even though it’s not even 10pm). I’ve also been busy with work, what with Clearing starting next week, and will be busy this weekend since I’m going with Hari to my parents’ for the weekend.

There’s also the fact that I currently have to use a Live CD of Linux on this laptop since the hard disk has essentially pushed up the daisies. Because it doesn’t store any settings between sessions (Mandriva won’t let you save configuration data) it takes a long time to boot up and isn’t as nice to use as Windows or OS X, so I tend to get bored/frustrated with it after a while.

The MacBook should be here in a week or so, so I’ll have a decent laptop to use soon. But until then, don’t expect a lot here 🙁 .

One Comment

  1. Ow. You’re really having a string of bad luck eh?
    Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    What Macbook specs did you opt for?