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Although I went shopping yesterday, truth is I’m recovering from some random bug that’s been making me a bit ill over the past couple of days. It first came about on Friday night during the curry, and got to the point where I had to go home to lie down (and sleep). I was better on Saturday morning but by about 6pm I had to go back to bed again and slept for a few hours before being woken up for dinner.

I’ve been getting progressively better today and haven’t been as tired, or had such bad headaches, so I’ll probably be back at work tomorrow morning, providing that I still feel okay in the morning.

Quite what it is I’ve had, I don’t know. It’s not a cold, because it came on suddenly and seems to have almost gone already, but then it’s not nearly as bad as the ‘flu (long time readers may remember my last bought of ‘flu back in October 2003). Here’s the symptoms that I did have:

  • Nose was runnier than usual, but not as bad as with a cold.
  • I had a heavy cough, and my asthma has been much worse.
  • Headaches and stiff joints.
  • General lack of energy and not being able to eat as much as usual; feeling very tired a lot of the time and a little disorientated.
  • Temperature fluctuations – one minute I’d be really warm, the next I’d be really cold.

And what I didn’t have:

  • With ‘flu you can barely bring yourself to get out of bed – I could. But I’ve still taken it relatively easy nonetheless.
  • I’ve been eating reasonable meals – not as much as normal but lots more than when I had ‘flu and could manage little more than a jaffa cake one day.
  • No sore throat, and my nose hasn’t been very runny.
  • The symptoms have started wearing off already, which means it’s unlikely to be a cold.

So quite what it is, I don’t know. I did have the ‘flu injection before Christmas so it could be that I’ve caught a slightly different strain of ‘flu which I’ve had partial immunity to. Or it could just be some random bug. Who knows, but anyway, it looks like I’m on the mend. Touch wood.


  1. Sounds like the plague to me.

  2. The bubonic variety?
    Seriously, there’s something like this going round at the moment. A lot of people have had slight stomach upsets with cold/flu type symptoms.
    Glad you’re getting better though.

  3. sounds like you have SFS to me :0/

  4. A hearty mix of rum and sake – it’s good for what ailes ya!
    As my old pappy used to say, just beat it do death with alcohol… seemed sound advice and now my liver is perfectly preserved. Thank you, University bars.

  5. Sounds like the usual symptoms I get when I end up having swollen glands. Pounding headaches that generally only subside if you lay down. Fluctuating temperatures and finding it hard to keep warm. Periods where you just have to curl up and sleep and not a lot of energy to do a great deal.