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Comfy chair

I now have a nice comfy chair, bought from… Staples. Yeah, the trip to Ikea wasn’t particularly successful as their cheapest nice computer chair was £60 – more than I was prepared to pay, especially as I’m intent on buying a computer from a certain fruit-inspired computer company next week. And no, it isn’t Apricot.

The chair was £40 and is nice and big and comfy. In fact it’s the exact same chair that Hari’s parents bought her for her birthday from Staples… but hers was £30, and not £40. Which is annoying. My parents also invested in one as well since their computer chair was in a bad way too.

We did buy some things from Ikea – a wooden fold-up chair for Hari’s room (which should allow me to play WoW on my laptop when I get it at her house) along with a rather nice seat cushion; some batteries and some energy-saving light bulbs. And a new shower curtain.

We also picked up some mini Oreo cookies. They’re really hard to come by in the UK and tend only to be sold in shops like Selfridges for ridiculous amounts of money – a box of Oreo cereal can sell for up to £7, or $13 in US money. Unfortunately I managed to get Hari addicted to them, so I may have to do a deal with someone in the US to send me some, in return for something not generally available over there, such as some of the Dairy Milk varieties or Mars Delight. Let me know if you’re interested.


  1. I got my current desk chair from staples and it was also in the 30-40 quid range, can’t remember exactly how much. It’s pretty damn comfy but I find it a little too large and cumbersome, as I did all of Staples range, all faux executive style affairs. Tell you what though, my chair doesn’t half creek when you tilt it back and forth to its extremities.
    Do you make double, or even quadruple oreo’s, I believe that’s all the range round uncle sams place.

  2. Comfy chair you said? Oh, you asked for it:
    (The door opens, and magne spins in on his comfy chair. A small cat jumps from his lap and starts making claw marks on Neils comfy chair. Neil tries to intervene, but has to retreat after being met with razor-sharp claws and special tail power skills)
    *clearing throut*
    Oh comfy, comfy comfy chair
    How I love my comfy chair
    It’s not pink, not even red
    and it’s much better than being dead.
    Once I had a crappy chair
    that didn’t quite match my hair
    I probably looked like a giant ape
    fixing it with ducky-tape.
    now I got my comfy chair
    Thanks that you are here!
    I paid for you with money I have earned
    and made sure that the old chair was burned
    I hope that you last for a long, long while
    Or else I will kill myself.
    You were expensive, oh comfy chair
    so my mother has to cut my hair
    now I look like Gomer Pyle
    and I probably have to stay inside for a while.
    (The cat leaves a gift on Neil’s carpet, jumps into magnes lap, and the comfy chair, magne and cat are teleported back to the Enterprise)

  3. Hrmph. that poem doesn’t look quite as good with all the line breaks stripped. Oh well. The literature historians will probably fix that in 200 years. 🙂

  4. Comfy chair? I was expecting a joke about the Pythons’ Spanish Inquisition (but nobody expects the… oh, never mind).