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Curry Night

Tonight is Curry Night – so me, Hari and two other friends are all off out for a curry (well, more specifically a Balti) later this evening. It’s not to celebrate anything, it’s just that it’s been a while since any of us went out for a curry (April in my case) and since we’re in Bradford it’s a shame not to.

Tomorrow we’re off with my parents to the Emporium of Swedish Flatpack Furniture, or Ikea as it’s more commonly known. We’re going in the morning as it’s usually quite murderous in the afternoon. The main purpose of going is to buy me a new computer chair, since the one I have at the moment (which, ironically, is from Ikea…) is in a rather poor state. I’m also envious of the chair that Hari’s parents bought her for her birthday next month.

Lunch will be in a mill in Dewsbury, apparently – I’m trusting my parents on this one – and then we’re off shopping, either at the White Rose Centre near Leeds (since Hari has never been there before) or at our local Tesco, depending on how much we buy at Ikea and therefore how much boot space we have left. Considering my parents are also looking for a computer chair as well, the latter is more likely.

And on Sunday, I’m intent on doing very little, since I have a series of busy weekends coming up which take me into early October. Joy.

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