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I can see! *thunk*

I had my eye test today. Normally you’re supposed to have your eyes checked at least every two years, but for me, it’s been over 4, so high time I had one. Thankfully, I go to a university which has an optometry department, so I went to its eye clinic to have my test – not only is it closer to my home but at £7.50 for students it’s also very cheap.

It also means you get a very thorough examination, which in my case took the best part of an hour, making my eyes feel like they had taken part in a decathlon afterwards. But it does mean that a whole range of potential problems can be picked up, including some that may have been missed.

Anyhow, though I don’t have absolutely perfect vision, it’s still pretty good and I have no need for glasses (and shouldn’t do for the foreseeable future) – which is good since Hari had to pay over £100 for a new pair of glasses a couple of weeks ago, though her eyesight is considerably worse than mine so she needs very thick lenses.

The one warning I was given is that I perhaps sit too close to VDUs when working with them (something which I do a lot of, as you know) so I’ve been advised to move the screen back or sit further away. It’s not affected my sight thus far, but may in future so obviously I need to be careful.


  1. How many fingers am I holding up?

  2. Specsavers do eye tests for a fiver at the moment. I know they’re not as thorough, but they still check for high blood pressure, glaucoma and diabetes.
    And their glasses are buy one get one free.