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Dying laptop

It seems that my laptop is not far off drawing its pension for the last time. The hard drive, despite having been replaced less than 2 years ago, is at the point of failing – it’ll only boot up after a few attempts and several ‘IDE Error #0’ messages. Once it’s running it is fine, but I’m going to be spending some time getting everything of any value off here before it totally dies and I lose everything.

This shouldn’t take too long as after I lost the HDD the first time around I got into the habit of backing up more frequently. My last backup was only 9 days ago, which included all of my personal documents and my photos – there’s now only the less important stuff to be copied, especially as my email is all done using IMAP so it stays on the server as well.

I also shouldn’t be as inconvenienced as before – whereas then I just had a laptop, I now also have a Mac and a PDA. Admittedly Hari tends to monopolise the Mac but I shouldn’t find myself stranded.

This does mean that the MacBook that I keep hinting at may be coming sooner than I was intending. I do have the money for it now (although I might ask for a small amount of parental assistance) but I’ll be waiting until after the Steve Jobs Keynote next week, just in case they decide to upgrade the MacBook model. It’s unlikely but with PC manufacturers scrabbling to get machines with the new Intel Core 2 Duo chip onto the market it’s possible that Apple will follow suit.

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