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Testing my patience

BSM are testing my patience at the moment. They’ve changed my instructor and all of my lesson dates, and yesterday told me that the lesson I was supposed to be having today was cancelled. However, it looks like they didn’t tell the instructor as my housemate said he called today to pick me up for a lesson.

I phoned them up and they assured me that it had been cancelled and that I didn’t have to pay for it, but when you’re as nervous as me about driving it’s not what you want to happen. Still, it could be a lot worse – at least I was able to speak to someone about it.

Not much else has happened really – I’ve been playing World of Warcraft a bit more (level 44 now) and been at work. I also finally got around to ordering season 1 of Coupling, to go with seasons 2 and 3 which I already have – mostly because Hari has never seen it and the latter seasons will probably make more sense to her once she’s seen it.

And my copy of Family Guy season 4 arrived too. I have downloaded all of the episodes for that season but since the DVD sales were one of the main factors in its revival I thought it would be a good idea to buy it and hopefully stop it from getting cancelled again. You also get better picture and sound quality and extra features.


  1. I’m currently learning with BSM. They’re not really great at organisation in the offices, but the actual instruction seems alright. Mind you, that said I’m coming up to my 3rd test. The other two times was just shakey on-the-day nerves.
    Did you have to go on ‘The Simulator’ before they let you in a car? I did – it was a complete waste of time. the controls were unresponsive and it looked like a very old polygon racing sim – except without the fun.

  2. I had lessons with BSM and the office was always sending the instructor round at completely random times. At least you know that the Bradford office is just as inept as the York office.

  3. I was always advised against going with large companies like BSM. They tend to treat you as just another customer.
    I used an instructor out of the yellow pages, not a huge advert, self employed, his customer base was all based on his reputation and success rate. Brilliant guy and I actually gained a friend out of it rather than a headache 🙂 maybe an idea for anyone looking to take up lessons soon.

  4. I was wondering why on earth you chose bsm – is it because they gave a student discount or something? I would imagine you are much better getting a local instructor to teach you….having said that, living in bradford the drivers are terrible so you may not want someone who is that local 😉

  5. I’m learning to drive with Acclaim. Basically, “the office” takes the original booking and then all future bookings/cancellation are done directly with the instructor. No communication f–k ups 😉