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The roads will never be safe again

Yesterday I had my first ever driving lesson, something which I was apprehensive about to say the least. Driving is one of those things that I’ve put off for some time, mostly because of the money involved, but also because I’m scared that I’ll fluff it up hugely and end up breaking the car/myself/some innocent pedestrian.

Thankfully my instructor was really kind and helpful, and after going over the basics I went behind the wheel for the first time and drove a car on a public road. In fact, we managed at least half an hour of driving time, going along some of the quiet country roads that border York. Though the roads were narrow and bendy (testing my steering abilities) they also had fewer cars on and so less people to hold up.

Towards the end of the session I’d begun to get used to using the clutch and doing gear changes, and was able to hold a good position in the road. I also only managed to stall the car 3 times and was able to stop reasonably well by the end, something which I put down to learning how sensitive the pedals are.

My next lesson is on Tuesday, but it’s in Bradford and with a different instructor. We’ll see how that goes.


  1. On Tuesday I’ll be working on campus and collecting a package from the sorting office. Please can you keep your lesson away from those places? 🙂
    Seriously though, good luck.
    And also, the challenge for entering sausage isn’t displayed by default for me because my details are remembered.

  2. Ah, thanks – I’ve fixed that on the newer entries – hopefully it’ll trickle down to the older ones soon.

  3. Remind me to never drive in England.
    Although I don’t know if I would be a safe driver if I did that…that whole driving on the opposite side of the road thing.

  4. I’m learning to drive myself at the moment (after a haitus of 5 years) and my co-worker just passed this theory yesterday.
    Looks like the Geeks will control the roads soon! Mwhahah!

  5. Good Luck with it!
    Is understanable to be scared, considering you are probably controling the most dangerous machine you’ve ever had your hands on.
    I hated learning to drive – very stressful, but its all good when you’ve passed.

  6. You want to drive my car Neil. Punto’s are known for the breaks to be a little shakey, and sometimes you have to press hard on the blighter to make it stop
    It always does though. touch wood

  7. Ah, driving. The joy, the fun, the danger. Good luck Neil, especially driving round Bradford. I’ve come close to a couple of RTAs there myself…always due to some eejit ignoring mini roundabouts.
    BTW, sausage? I really have gotta start reading the techy posts on this blog.