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Not Dead Yet

It’s probably fair to say that things aren’t looking too lively around here, considering it’s been a whole 5 days since I posted anything at all here. As it happens, I’ve been rather busy and so blogging has taken something of a back seat of late.
It’s also been 10 days since my last non-tech-related post, and since I know some of you tend to enjoy the non-techy stuff I’ll stick a big life update in the extended portion of this entry. Hopefully I’ll be blogging more soon but I can’t promise anything.


There are several things you have to do while you are a student, such as steal items of temporary street furniture, get ridiculously drunk, and have an overdraft. Until now I’d only managed the first two (yes, I stole a traffic cone but I put it back, honest), but as of last week I had to get myself an overdraft after the combined forces of my rent and insurance renewal knocked my current account into the red. It’s taken me 4 years to need it, which I think is impressive, and as it’s a student account the overdraft is interest-free. I’ve actually paid it off now already, having chased up various friends/housemates who have owed me money, but it’s there in case I get in a pickle again. Though I should be earning reasonable amounts of moolah from my job, it usually takes a couple of weeks for the pay to trickle through.


This Saturday was our 9th ‘monthiversary’ – 9 months since we first started dating – and we had intended to go to Birmingham (which isn’t too far from where Hari’s parents live) and go out for lunch and then watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in the afternoon. We actually ended up going shopping in her home town (where she had an eye test – she broke her only pair of glasses recently and so needed a new pair) and then went to the Cineworld in Longbridge… with her parents, which was somewhat unintended but at least we got transport. Though I preferred the first PotC film, this one was still enjoyable, and Hari and her mum were able to spend two hours ogling over Johnny Depp.

Hari’s at her parents’ house for this week and next while I’ve had to come back to Bradford to work, so we’ve got two weeks where we’ll be about 150 miles apart, which is somewhat annoying as I miss her already. Consequently I’ve been playing World of Warcraft with her a bit more than usual and chatting with her over TeamSpeak. It’s cheaper and more fun than chatting on the phone.

Talking of WoW, my paladin is now level 31 and the past couple of days have seen me do my first bit of PvP action, if only to kill a couple of Horde rogues who were interrupting my questing in Raven Hill Cemetery. I’m not a big fan of PvP and would have preferred to play on a non-PvP server, however I went with the one that Hari and her friends play on. I suppose it keeps you on your toes.


After a few false starts (no pun intended), I have my first driving lesson this Saturday, and another on Tuesday. I’m aiming to have a couple of 2 hours lessons each week, so that I can keep it up while still having time to work. It’s going to be some months before I take my test (though I may take my theory test soon to get it out of the way) so I won’t have true independence just yet. I also don’t yet have a car – Hari wants me to get a turquoise Ford Ka – and whether I get one or not will depend on how much money I have and how generous relatives are. Unfortunately it may well mean that I’ll have to choose between a new car and a new laptop later this year since money is an issue right now as I’ve already said.

And everything else

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to arrange getting my new asthma medication onto repeat – unfortunately the doctor I have (one of four at the practice) has a reputation for dismissing things as being ‘all in the mind’ so it may not be as straightforward as it should be.
Tomorrow is also when several of my friends from Computing who took placements graduate, so I have a feeling that I’m going to be taken out on a bit of a bender tomorrow night. Work on Thursday may well be interesting.

And I’m going back to my parents’ house in York for the weekend – partly because I want my first driving lesson to be in York as generally the other road-users are more well-behaved there, but also to see my mum as she was in hospital last week for a routine operation. It was a success but she obviously needs to rest, and in any case it’s been a couple of months since I saw my parents despite Hari and I spending two weeks at their house a few weeks back, while they were on holiday.


  1. Since you seem to be pretty good at managing your finances, you can take full advantage of that interest-free overdraft by transferring a substantial chunk into a good savings account, where it’ll earn a bit of interest until you need to move it back when the overdraft expires. Okay, so it won’t be a private-island-buying fortune, but hey, it’s free money! 🙂

  2. Nobody, including me, is blogging ATM: it’s too hot.

  3. I guess you could blog abotu being too hot. And I think I might.
    I did the moving money to an online savings account idea and it works. Yes, it’s only 5%pa but 5% of £1000 is £50. That’s a couple of very good nights out 😉 or if you’re more sensible, a couple of driving lessons…

  4. Reminds me of when I kept in touch with old housemates for a year through the means of Phantasy Star Online. Typing on slightly dodgy keyboards for the gamecube made it an interesting and annoying experience

  5. good luck with the driving!