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Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Beta 1

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 is out for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X users.

Though it’s a beta, it’s pretty much rock-solid for me stability-wise. But then Bon Echo, the codenamed alpha release of Firefox 2, never crashed on me either. Most of the bugs from it have also been fixed. Still, I’d only use this if you’re used to beta testing and don’t mind having to face potentially annoying bugs.

Note for British English users: There is a British English release of Firefox, however, it does not appear to include the new inline spell-checking feature – for that, you’ll have to stick with the US English release which does have it. Theoretically you should be able to install the British English spelling dictionary on the US English release, but when I tried it, it didn’t work – strange as this did work in Bon Echo (but then dictionary install is one feature that isn’t yet complete). I’m guessing the omission in the British release is down to licensing issues surrounding the dictionary.

Update: If you are using a British English release of Firefox then here’s how to enable spell-checking with a British English dictionary (or any dictionary for that matter).

Also bear in mind that most of your extensions will be disabled when you upgrade, however as Firefox 2.0’s internal workings are broadly similar to Firefox 1.5, you should be able to use Nightly Tester Tools to re-enable most of them. This has certainly been the situation in my case, but you may have extensions which still won’t work. Also bear in mind that some extensions are now obsolete, such as Undo Close Tab, Spellbound, FeedView, LiveLines and Search Engine Ordering (all of which I’ve previously used, as it happens).


  1. I’ve tried it.
    Better than 1.5.Version!

  2. Neil, you’re right that the extensions don’t work. The Nightly Tester Tools extension also does not seem to work…. not too much bother, I’m always a sucker for betas anyway and was well in with very early versions of Firefox.
    Thanks for the heads up – not sure why my beta channel update didn’t pick it up, but there you go.

  3. Acksherly, it does have the spill-chucking feature included; it’s just that, without a dictionary (as you noted, not bundled due to licensing issues), it hides away.
    The XPI-style dictionaries from would work, if only the install script dumped the files into the correct directory, which they don’t.
    Move the .aff and .dic files from %Firefox%\components\myspell to %Firefox\dictionaries and you’ll be all set up.

  4. Bug 344189 is pretty annoying, but I guess that is what I get for using a beta.