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While looking through my referrals to see if anyone had dugg one of my articles since quietly adding ‘digg this’ links to my site (apparently they haven’t 🙁 ), I noticed that I’m getting a handful of referrals from pages on Wikipedia. It turns out that the following pages link to this site in some way:

The two Firefox articles link to a post about External Protocol Whitelisting, and the Domain articles link to FauxDaddy, a post about a site (now offline) which told the story of someone who used GoDaddy’s DomainsByProxy service to hide his details, only to have GoDaddy hand over his details when requested by lawyers. The Dosamp article linked to a screenshot, which now, with a bit of mod_rewrite trickery (and this guide) now shows a web page too as a way of potentially capturing traffic.

More surprisingly, a (recent) screenshot of this blog is on the Blog entry, labelled as ‘A screenshot of a typical blog.’. I think I have a certain Mr Anderson to blame for that… 🙂

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  1. You do! It’s hard to find a GFDL compatible blog, and using my own would just be cocky!
    Sorry for calling it typical, I actually got an interesting comment by a user call GraemeL: “The text “This blog’s been mostly silent of late because I haven’t really been up to much” on your typical blog picture was a nice touch. Very typical.”