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Vista Arrival


My copy of Windows Vista Beta 2 arrived today – I don’t have a DVD burner so I ordered it on disc instead (more photos here and here). It comes on two DVDs – one for the 32-bit edition and one for the 64-bit edition, and also includes the product key on a sticker inside. It also says you can install it on up to 10 computers on any one time, something I don’t think the final release of Vista will let you do.

I’m not installing it yet though. My intention is to install it on my MacBook, although judging by Mark’s experiences I think I’ll wait until it can be installed without messing up your partitions. Unfortunately it’s not supported by Parallels Desktop yet either, but again that’ll hopefully change soon. I’ve bought a copy anyway, just again.

Thanks for all of your memory recommendations, by the way – they’ve been a great help.


  1. Mine arrived yesterday. Love the gfx!

  2. Wicked,
    How can I get a copy?