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Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor upgraded

A couple of months ago I mentioned the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, a piece of software for Windows XP that will tell you whether your computer is capable of running Windows Vista when it (eventually) comes out.

Microsoft have just released an updated version of the tool which more accurately predicts whether Vista will run, and what problems (if any) you may encounter when running it. I ran it on my laptop again, and the results were more positive than last time. Though I still don’t have the 15 GB of hard disk drive space necessary for the installation, more of my drivers will be supported. In fact, theoretically I should have no problems – before, my printer, screen, sound card and wi-fi card would all not work. The printer, screen and sound card should be supported by Vista out of the box now, and the wi-fi card should just require a trip to Windows Update. Bluetooth support may still be an issue, but Belkin/Widdcom still has some time to sort that out.

Of course, I’m fully intending not to use Vista on this laptop – I’ll be putting it on my MacBook instead, when I get that in a couple of months or so.

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