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Adium X 1.0 Beta

Though the developers are doing their best to keep it off major news sites, Adium X 1.0 is now in the Beta phase. Adium is the awesomely cool multi-network instant messaging client for Mac OS X, and this version brings several major changes.

Firstly, it no longer uses libgaim (the networking code from Gaim) for its AOL, ICQ and .Mac support, and instead uses Joscar, an open-source Java interface. You may think the developers are mad for switching to Java instead of something compiled in C, but actually there’s little difference in performance and Adium now starts up faster. Joscar also offers a more complete AOL experience, with working file transfers.
The user interface of the main contact list has seen a refresh, and there’s a way of setting a user icon across all connections, rather than each one individually. An Xtras Manager lets you manage Adium add-ons and there’s better integration with iTunes.

There’s no voice and video support with this release – support for Google Talk’s audio feature is in progress but it’ll probably be some months before it makes it into the application, and in any case Google Talk doesn’t even support Jingle yet despite Google coming up with it in the first place. Though Mac OS X has a rich media layer in the form of QuickTime, no-one has yet been able to leverage this to provide multimedia chat on any of the other networks, even though Trillian uses QuickTime on Windows for its video and audio chat features.

It’s still a solid release, and I’ve yet to experience any bugs. Well worth the upgrade.


  1. Oh, good spot. I love Adium on my MacBookPro, but there is no real point of me having an iSight built in, because I can’t really use for anything… Does it upgrade nicely?

  2. Seems to. Just drag and drop the Adium duck icon into Applications, overwriting the existing one. They recommend backing up ~/Library/Application Support/Adium X 2.0 though in case something screws up.