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Skyping across the Atlantic

I had a chat with Les over Skype a few minutes ago. It was mostly so that he could verify it was actually working, which it was, and despite him being thousands of miles away in a different country the sound quality was almost perfect. Didn’t cost a thing, either. He wrote his side of the story here.
Though I do log onto Skype regularly, I can’t say I actually use it that much. I’ve only ever spoken to another Skype user once – I mostly use it for SkypeOut to call my parents. So this was a bit different.
Also, unlike Les, I have made international calls. I routinely receive them at work from overseas university applicants, and occasionally I’ve made them too. The sound quality is nothing on Skype though.

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  1. At my last fulltime job we used Skype for chat all the time, it was incredibly useful for communicating with people in an office a few thousand miles away. Can’t say I’ve ever made a voice call with it though – we routed telephone calls between the offices over a standard H323 VoIP link.
    I was tempted to get SkypeIn now that I have no land-line phone, but sipgate offer that service for free and let me use my VoIP phone rather than leaving a laptop constantly running. Besides, nobody ever called my last land-line number except my family – everybody else just calls my mobile.
    Actually I’m guessing that Skype would be better quality than my mobile though, O2 coverage around here seems terrible – especially whilst underground.