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Fish and Seafood, Fish and Seafood

Nothing much interesting going on right now so I’m mostly blogging for the sake of filling space. And attempting to get people to comment – commenting is at a lull at the moment and I haven’t had any decent comments in 36 hours (excepting spam and someone whose comment was ‘I am a chinease’ on an entry about ICQ numbers).

I started back at work yesterday – I’m now there essentially full time until September. It’s good to see everyone again and to have something to do during the day – and the money isn’t too bad either. I can’t see myself wanting to do this as a career but I can think of much worse jobs I’d be doing.

I turned up to work wearing my ‘Zombies Ate My Brain’ t-shirt from the Artificial Duck Shop – well, okay, Dave2. I went for a ‘small’ since I tend to find the American medium to be a bit too large, but while the t-shirt fits it is quite skin-tight. Still, when I went in I had two people commenting that I looked liked I’d lost weight recently, which was nice although actually the opposite is true. However the office moved up two floors a few weeks ago so I have two extra flights of stairs to burn off calories on – we’re now 5 flights up from the ground floor and I have to go up and down several times a day.

Dinner tonight was a tuna pasta bake, made with Homepride Tuna Pasta Bake Sauce. Which is notable because the sauce contains neither tuna nor pasta – it’s really just glorified tomato purée. I wish I’d realised this before before buying it and instead bought a cheap tin of tomato purée for half the price.

We went to Tesco yesterday evening and spent a 3-figure sum on shopping. Admittedly the freezer is now almost full and I’ll have enough food to last me a few weeks, but it’s still a lot of money for a poor student to spend. Though admittedly over £30 of that was alcohol – we’ve discovered wine boxes and now have 6 litres of wine in the house. We also bought an electric fan for my room, which has been very welcome bearing in mind the temperature has remained above 30℉C in here during the daytime since Sunday.

The plan for the rest of the week? More work, and possibly a trip into town and a barbecue at the weekend – which I’m sure will be dull and wet just to annoy me since I’ve spent most of the past two days in a storeroom with no natural light. I may be going down to Hari’s parents the weekend after – she has to go home for a couple of weeks (sob…) so I might spend that weekend with her.

And finally, the title of this entry is inspired by this song by Ferrino, Ferrino and Ferrino, aka Steve Coogan.


  1. Nice that work is laid back enough for you to wear that sort of shirt.

  2. If I do not get any comments for 36 hours, I assume that none of my entries have randomly become the first Google result for some term, rather than getting worried. I would add a “You should be lucky with what you have got” except I think you are. It is amazing how you can blog to “fill space” but I still think it is interesting enough to keep reading.

  3. Have you reformatted the comments or is it my eyes?

  4. I’ve reformatted the comments. It’s much closer to the MT default now.

  5. I think the title of this post is having an influence on your google ads. You can get fresh Whitby seafood delivered to your door!

  6. I’m getting adverts for recipes and Italian caterers. Which is a shame because I fancied some seafood…