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World Cup
I’m not going to say anything about a certain football game yesterday, other than to say I’ll be supporting France for the rest of the tournament. Come on Henry!
House-Warming Party
A sign that my friends are getting older is the fact that I went to a house-warming party for one of them yesterday, in Leeds. The house, incidentally, was compact but nice, and with a large garden at the back. I’m sure the time will come when we have a house-warming party of our own but we’re probably looking at summer 2008 at the earliest.
I’m hosting a copy of phpRaid for Hari’s guild as a way of managing sign-ups for raids. They’ve previously used a copy on another server but the person hosting it recently left to join a rival guild and has since closed it down, so I’ve offered to pick up the baton. It’s quite a nice system for managing raid sign-ups, and it also integrates with phpBB if needed. I’m also intending to allow the guild leaders to access database dumps in case I or Hari fall out with them for whatever reason, so as to avoid them facing the same problem again. It’s not the first time something like this has happened to them – another guild member, who defected to the same rival guild, hosted their TeamSpeak server which he promptly shut down after leaving the guild.
Not Guildless
And as for my progress in WoW, I’m now in Hari’s guild too. It feels a bit strange being there, since most of the players are level 55+ and they currently are not recruiting, but they’re all very friendly and have been using their alternative characters to help me level up. I’m now at level 29, however I can’t see myself playing as much now since I’m back in Bradford now and from tomorrow will be working every weekday. Also, neither me nor Hari have two computers capable of playing WoW so we either spend time together or play together but at each other’s houses.
Over the past two weeks I haven’t turned my laptop on at all, so when I put it on today as well as having McAfee and Windows Defender do scans I also had quite a bit of software to update –, ExtractNow, GnuPG, Windows Privacy Tray, iTunes, QuickTime, WinAmp, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Live Messenger, all of which have been updated in the past couple of weeks. There were also updates to several of my Firefox extensions too.

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