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Big Updates

If any Mac user tells you that OS X doesn’t have all of the annoying updates that Windows has, please do me a favour and slap them around a bit with a large trout. Yesterday the OS X 10.4.7 update was released, which fixes a variety of functional and security bugs in OS X Tiger, which was around 40 MB to download. Then today, I’ve had QuickTime 7.1.2, iTunes 6.0.5 and the latest iPod firmware updater. These three roll in at over 100 MB, meaning that over two days I’ve downloaded 150 MB of updates.

Of these, the 10.4.7 update is important, so I don’t have many qualms there, and QuickTime is the main multimedia system in OS X so it’s also needed. I use iTunes quite a bit, so I suppose I need that updating, but my iPod is set up with my laptop, because setting it up on Windows means it uses the FAT32 file system instead of HFS+ and thus becomes infinitely more useful as you aren’t stuck with using it only on Macs. It also doesn’t have any firmware updates for iPod Minis, which means that even if I did set it up with my Mac there would still have been no point in downloading it.

I suppose I appreciate things like QuickTime and iTunes being pushed through Software Update, since they come with the OS and are useful, but the iPod stuff isn’t needed for me. Sure, I could opt not to install it this time around, but the next time I boot my machine I’m sure it’ll ask me to install it again.

Oh well, now I need to reboot to finish the QuickTime installation, so cheerio for now.


  1. What annoyed me most was the major slowdown while the updates were applied, and having to reboot twice in two days. Why were the updates pushed separately? They could have just annoyed me once for slightly longer.
    I also saw some odd superficial configuration changes. My wireless network indicator disappeared from the menu bar, and I’m pretty sure there’s some other stuff missing from there too. If there are seemingly random changes like that, who knows what happened that I haven’t noticed yet?

  2. You could remove the update from the list and your Mac won’t bother you about it again.

  3. Maybe it’s the newness of OS X and the MacBook or something else. But the Updates are not bothering me so far.
    I really like the way OS X deals with updates compared to Windows. Using a web browser for an interface to the updates is just bizarre. Just because your browser supports Active-X isn’t a reason to use it.
    Maybe after a while, the updates will start to annoy me. At work, they Mac Mini has quite a few in the queue to download and no one does them. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s not my place to do them so I leave it alone.
    As for what was updated, I might update my iPod to use the latest updates, but I don’t really need them so I’m still on the fence for that one. The rest I’m more than happy for.
    I’ve noticed that pretty much all the software I install has checks for updates. In fact, I can’t think of any software I have installed that doesn’t check. That’s not the case with Windows software. There are only a handful of programs that check and update themselves when updates are available. More of them take you to their website to download, and the majority don’t even bother to check.
    I’ve only had my MacBook for about 2 weeks now, but I’ve been loving it. I want my main machine to be a Mac sooo badly, that I have been contemplating getting an iMac instead of the soon to be released Mac Pro just so I can be fully Mac. However, I really want the speed and power that the Mac Pro will offer, so I impatiently wait for Apple to release the machine…

  4. Wow. That amount of downloading would be inconceivable for my home PC, using dialup. I don’t know what I’d do!

  5. I wish they scheduled the updates together too, but I can live with reboots a few days in a row.