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Without Warcraft

Hexorious as a FurlborgIt looks like I won’t be playing on World of Warcraft today. The realm I play on has been taken down for 24 hours for hardware upgrades, along with a host of others, and those realms which are up will not allow you to create a new character to prevent an influx of people from other servers who absolutely must play the game. Apparently we’ll be credited with an extra day on our subscriptions, though.

In all fairness the realm has had more than it’s fair share of lag problems – last night my ping reached 4 seconds, which is about 35 times the normal level and makes the game almost unplayable – and there have been lag spikes all week. Hopefully the hardware upgrade will sort this out.

Hari has a character on one of the servers that is up, so she’s currently playing a level 11 night elf druid, but since I only had 1 character and I can’t create anymore, I’m locked out. Though I do have 1200 unread items in Bloglines so I’ve at least got something to do today.

Still, it’s a bit annoying that there was no advance warning from Blizzard about the downtime – Hari’s guild were going to do The Ruins of Ahn’Quraj tonight but now obviously they can’t. We weren’t told about it until the servers went down, and yet it looks like at least some planning took place.

The picture, incidentally, is Hexorious shape-shifted into a furlborg, with the help of Dartol’s Rod of Transformation. He’s fishing in Menethil Harbour.


  1. Seems this site has turned into a WoW blog.

  2. Well, this site is about me and what I have been doing lately, and most of what I have been doing lately has been playing WoW. I haven;t really done anything much else or found anything else interesting to write about. 🙂

  3. Oh dear, you’re turning into a WoW geek. It’s good to have hobbies outside the real world though, and I guess you are starting full time work soon….