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Hexorious fighting a Blackrock OrcWe had a barbecue yesterday, and invited a few friends over. Due to our typical bad planning we only invited people the night before and so in the end only two people could make it, but it was good nonetheless and we got to use my parents’ decent barbecue too. The weather wasn’t that great though and by about half past eight we had retreated indoors since it was getting cold and looking like it was going to rain soon.

On WoW I’m up to level 24 – still no closer to completing my level 20+ Paladin quest but I did get my first honourable kill yesterday. My character, and Hari’s gnome warlock alt character, were in The Barrens for one of her quests and got ganked by a group of 5 mid-level Horde characters (who then camped out to try and kill us again if we resurrected), so I stayed around as a ghost while she came back with her level 60 mage and killed them all in revenge. I managed to get a kill in there too. Felt quite satisfying, really, but unfortunately this is what happens when you play on a PvP (player vs player) server.

O’Reilly have sent me a glossy brochure inviting me to Euro OSCON in September, which is all well and good – 4 days and several interesting speakers, such as Rasmus Lerdorf, Tim O’Reilly and Louis Suarez-Potts – but at £200 for the student early-bird session-only entry price (the cheapest there is) I think it’s too far beyond my budget. I’d also need to travel to Brussels and stay somewhere for 5 nights. In short, I’d love to, but I think I’d find buying a new laptop to be a better use of the money.

We haven’t got any major plans for the rest of the week; will probably go into York one day and have a ride on the Yorkshire Wheel – York’s answer to the London Eye – and do some shopping. On Saturday we’re off to a house warming party and then next week I start work full-time for the summer. Fun.


  1. I have to admit that WoW has me bemused. So many intelligent people play it can’t be a BAD game but… c’mon.. “ganked”??

  2. Neil, the main Atom feed is broken. Both Firefox and Thunderbird refuse to read it due to a parsing error. Oh, and I hope the barbecue was tasty ;-).

  3. Try now – I fixed a couple of character entities which didn’t parse for some reason.