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Level 22

My paladin is up to level 22 now. I’m in the middle of a really evil class-specific quest which requires gathering four items from various places – I got one from Deadmines and the others are scattered about, but involve killing several high level monsters. Looks like I’m going to be doing this one for a while. We also did Deadmines again last night, initially with 5 people but one left. We didn’t wipe either, but then I wasn’t the healer this time – we had a proper priest 🙂 .

As for non-WoW related things – zombies have eaten my brain! Dave‘s awesome t-shirts finally arrived today and they look really good – I suppose I’ll have to get a photo up soon.

Movable Type 3.3 Beta 3 is out – it now includes a cut-down version of as standard, plus a new configuration wizard that you can use the first time you install it. More details here – I’m still not yet ready to upgrade this site because of my reliance on certain plugins which will almost certainly break with it, but I will upgrade my local installation.

Finally, I have a scary fact for you. This year, I have had all of 20 legitimate trackbacks. On average, I delete double that amount of trackback spam every day, despite my best efforts at blocking it. I think it’s probably about time I abandoned trackback here, or at least suspend it until there’s better spam prevention mechanisms.


  1. I gave up trackback a long time ago, as it just wasn’t worth the agony. Usually when somebody writes an entry that relates to something I wrote, they’ll mention it in the comments… it’s all good.

  2. When I mention another blog post, I rely on WordPress’ pingback mechanism; it’s too much work to find the trackback URI and enter it into my post, especially as some blog authors hide their trackback URIs in strange locations.
    It is extremely unlikely that I would post a comment referencing to an entry I wrote. I figure even if you don’t grok notification stuff, you will see my pages in your referrers or Technorati or something.