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Not been up to much

This blog’s been mostly silent of late because I haven’t really been up to much – other than playing WoW, obviously. My paladin is now up to level 20 and I did my first run of Deadmines last night with Hari’s warlock, plus a warrior, mage and another paladin. Only two of the players died in the run, apart from at the end when we wiped on some murlocs after having killed the boss – which was partly my fault for not getting there in time to heal everyone. I’ve also been able to pick up some nice ‘rare’ quality items.

I signed up to ZDNet yesterday to comment on Ed Bott’s blog, and despite ticking all of the boxes saying I didn’t want to get emails from them it still subscribed me to two of their newsletters, which was rather annoying. I’ve been successfully unsubscribed from them but it really should have been more clear that I’d get these – especially as by the looks of things they’re daily newsletters and thus generate a lot of email.

I don’t necessarily mind getting email newsletters when i sign up to things – I get them from sites like Firebox and CD Wow – but I do want it made clear to me that I am going to be getting emails and be given the option to unsubscribe to all of them.


  1. I hate blogs which automatically subsscribe me to comments, too!

  2. Sorry to witter but sage is saying that the main RSS feed is broken. When I search for feeds, I see the comments, smaller world & the external picture feed, not the main article feed. It’s been over a day now so I thought I’d better mention it.

  3. I think world of warcraft is great im never off it !!!

  4. I like WoW too, but I have problem with understnading Your post. What means to been up to much ? Is it sth like I’m able ?