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Meet my paladin

HexoriousThis is Hexorious. He’s a level 17 human paladin. And he’s my World of Warcraft character.

Yes, I have bought the game, and yes, I’m already somewhat addicted to it, hence the fact my character is level 17 and I’ve only been playing since Sunday. Hari has been helping me play – though her main character is a level 60 mage, she’s also been playing on low level paladins and warlocks so she’s been able to teach me quite a bit. It’s fun and I’ve enjoyed it, but it is far too addictive.


  1. Call yourself a defender of the Light? You can’t even spell your class right (only 1 ‘L’) :p
    What server are you on? And welcome to the Dark side!

  2. Level 17 starting on Sunday? I would have a 23 or 24 by then. 🙂
    As for addictive, you bet! My latest character has over 120 hours of game play on him and he’s only 36.
    Also, when you get a chance, you should check out the Horde side. I personally think they have more interesting things to do and better quests. Plus, when your undead, you can be under water 3 times longer than any other race. 🙂
    Also, I second Chris’ question. What realm do you play on. My gang plays on Shadow Council.

  3. Forgot to mention, my “Horde” realm is Scarlet Crusade.

  4. That character’s pretty bad-ass! I wish I had time to spend in WOW… from what little I’ve seen I could easily get lost in there.

  5. Ahh I knew you’d eventually turn to the dark side 🙂 I have a level 53 NE Druid, so how are you coping with your new addition and with it being down today for the latest patch?

  6. Got sucked in, eh? Always nice to add another addict to the zombie gang!

  7. I’m having fun with it so far. As far as the patch is concerned, we’ve been having difficulty getting it to take on my Mac – I’ve ended up having to reinstall WoW on it and then download the big roll-up patch from 1.9.4 to 1.11.0 – which considering the Blizzard EU tracker has been up and down all day and there’s not many people downloading the Mac version means it’s taking a while – probably still got another couple of hours. It took fine on my the PC, though I’m still waiting for the realms to come back online.
    Hari was supposed to be doing a Molten Core run on her main character today – it’s now looking less and less likely with the extended server downtime. They’re now running 5 hours behind schedule on the maintenance.

  8. Heh, another one bites the dust eh?
    Good to see you’re a fellow WoW’er too! I love my paladin the most out of all of my toons (2 mages, a warrior, warlock, druid and priest) because it’s always something different when in a raid and such.
    As far as patch downtime, get used to it. It’s not uncommon to be able to play at all during a patch day. Then again, I suppose it’s good in that you actually get to have some semblence of a life return to you.
    If you’re ever on Feathermoon (yes, I’m on a carebear server), feel free to say a /hi to Liaresa (or Wym or Lwaxana or Kelm or Xixie) Alliane side or Oliah (or Kahleth) Horde side. 🙂

  9. Say goodbye to your social life! At least Hari plays too, so you’re probably already aware of the time consumption required for playing WoW.
    I have two level 60s now, my first is languishing on Stormrage (a NE Druid) unplayed as I’m now addicted to my Troll Hunter on The Venture Co (RP-PvP server).
    I hear that Paladins are a lot of fun at lower levels but get tiresome in raids once you get to 60. They are excellent in the battlegrounds though, bloody hard to kill and have some great-looking armour. Just remember to place your hearthstone icon next to your bubble button 😉
    It’s a great game. Patience is definitely needed around patch day though.

  10. Peace be unto you and your family.
    Hey Neil,
    My name is John. I live in the states. but God lead me to your website while searching for wow stuff. neat little page btw. 🙂
    i think that World of Warcraft is the best blizzard game since Starcraft and Starcraft Brood War (over 4 years playing it).
    in WOW, I got a level 15 paladin after only 2 weeks.
    Im a pretty conservative player, but I been lucky with a few higher level guys stopping to help me along the way. 🙂
    Thank God, I already got 16 gold bars, from just raiding items, mining, and then working the auction. 🙂 I think im gonna quit my day job and go to the new york stock exchange for a job. lol 🙂
    but, if you know how to work certain areas, over and over again, then hit town once in a while to check your trades, it will really help you to buy some nice weapons, to kick ass with even better next time. 😮
    i hope to play with you some time in the future.
    the 5v5 arena tourneys seem to be where the best of the best wow players are hashing it out.
    maybe we could get together an international team and rock in the tourney.
    God bless,
    zstc (paladin)

  11. God bless,
    zstc (paladin)