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It’d make one huge insurance claim

Hari and I are now in York for a couple of weeks, house-sitting for my parents. We aimed to come through yesterday, but actually did so on Saturday night.

As well as bringing clothes, I needed to bring my entire Mac home with me for a reason I’ll mention soon (which is also why this post is coming to you today and not Saturday night or yesterday) – which is easier said than done, since neither of us can yet drive and so we had to take the train. So that’s not just the desktop unit (which admittedly is tiny and fits snugly in my rucksack, but also the screen, keyboard and mouse. In fact, in all, this was all of the electronic equipment that, between 2 of us, we took on the train:

  • 1 x Mac Mini
  • 1 x Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • 1 x Corded mouse
  • 1 x 17″ LCD screen
  • 1 x Laptop
  • 1 x Digital Camera
  • 1 x Dell PDA
  • 1 x Bluetooth mini-keyboard
  • 2 x mobile phones

If that had all gone missing, we could probably make a £2000 insurance claim, which is scary. That all managed to fit in one large case and two large rucksacks, as well as all of our clothes and things. I also had over £100 cash on me too, just to make things even more edgy.

We’re not doing a lot this week, which is deliberate since we’ve both had several very tiring and stressful weeks at university, and just want to get away from it all. But we will hopefully have some friends coming over at the weekend.


  1. I often think that when travelling in Europe, carrying at least £600 of camera, mp3 player and phone, plus cash. Once at least the mp3 player and bulk of the cash are in a hotel safe, that’s not so bad, but catch me between the airport and hotel…. Luckily, I travel with a shoulder bag, not a suitcase, so hopefully don’t look touristy.
    I’m considering buying a laptop too, specifically to take abroad with me – I don’t want anything too ambitious, but it’d still be boosting my exposure!

  2. i think it’s more likely to get broken whilst being bumped around on the trains. Hope you packed everything really well.

  3. Neil – your browser detect script seems broken – firefox is being triggered as out of date.

  4. And which train are you carrying all that lot back on? 😀

  5. When I read the first lines of this post, for some reason I thought you meant NEW York! I was excited for a brief moment, until I figured it out. 🙂

  6. Andy – that’s strange, I’m using Firefox 1.5.04 and there’s no message. Are you using the User Agent Switcher extension, or have you previously modified your browser’s user agent for any reason? (check Help – About to see what it’s sending, should have ‘Firefox/’ at the end).
    And yes, of course everything was packed in well. That’s what the clothes were for 🙂 .

  7. Thanks Neil – thats better. Not sure why the browser had a fake browser agent – not something I’d done on this laptop although I did use a restore config from another pc to load the settings so it might have got confused from that. After downloading user agent switcher and setting to default it behaves as normal.