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  • Am I the only one who’s not actually that interested in the fact that Bill Gates will be reducing his influence on MS in two years time? The tech news sites I read are full of it – article after article about Bill Gates this, Microsoft that…
  • Off to the beach party in a couple of hours or so. Should be good – and I actually have working batteries for my camera. I’m getting some new 2500mAh rechargeable batteries via Battery Logic next week but for now I’m using long-life alkalines since my camera can be quite thirsty for juice at the best of times.
  • By the looks of things the new home page design does indeed work in IE6 (woohoo!) even though I still haven’t been able to test it myself, so I’ll be rolling it out soon. It’s not a final design though and is subject to change – I’m probably going to play around with the menu and maybe even change the logo (which has been the same for over 2 years now).
  • We’ve been told by our ISP, PlusNet, that they’re putting their upgrades to 8 Mbit DSLMax on hold for two months as it seems many of those who were upgraded were having erratic connections and fluctuating speeds (at least in the first week of operation) and so were taking up more of their support resources. Upgrades are now only happening if customers specifically request it, which we have. Apparently our distance from the telephone exchange means we’re most likely to only get around 6 MBit and not the full 8, but it’s still better than 2, and doesn’t cost anything extra.


  1. PlusNet now want you to ask tobe upgraded? For crying out loud. Nice of them to put out a bulletin about it – I’ve heard nothing.
    Where can I tell them I want to be upgraded?

  2. Upgrades are bad!
    I went from a stable 2mb connection to a connection which is technically 8mb, but i see .5 – 1mb speeds on peak times. It has improved a bit recently, but I would wait till the kinks are ironed out.

  3. And another thing (@ chris) – its well over a month since you could have applied for a queue jump to be the first with 8mb – if you dont keep a careful eye on plusnets forums you will never learn anything :-).

  4. You can go here to tell PlusNet you want an upgrade.
    The bulletin was posted to their service status last night – I think it’s going to be sent to all customers who haven’t yet been upgraded in due course.
    To be honest, I think PlusNet are doing the right thing here. At the moment, problems with upgrades are taking up a lot of technical support’s time, which puts other customers at a disadvantage, and if it’s not working and people are being upgraded without asking then it’s not really right to change their service from a slower one that is stable to a potentially faster but more unstable one. You could opt out but I don’t think this was made clear – to do that, use the same URL as above, just in case PlusNet resume the automatic upgrades in future.
    It also means that those who are willing to accept some instability in return for faster speeds can do, whereas those who want stability can have it too. But it does need to be made more clear to customers.

  5. Microsoft out- Apple – in. Plust Bill Gates needs a break to play his Xbox 360 dontcha think?

  6. The Bill Gates news came hot on the heels of Robert Scoble’s departure, wonder if it was a ploy to get that news off the front page of technology newsites? Cynical, moi? 😉
    We’re with BT and had been told that we couldn’t get above 1mb because we’re at the very outer limits of the exchange but I was chatting to a neighbour yesterday who’s just been upgraded to 4mb (that’s the limit he’s been told) so I’ll be on the phone first thing tomorrow.

  7. Oh and I do hope that you’re going to bring back the sidebar mini links section?

  8. 8Mb! I’m stuck on 512Kb!