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The end of week 16

  • Tomorrow is the last day of week 16 of semester 2, which can only mean two things – it’s the end of term, and it’s the third annual student union beach party. Our special guest this year is Mary Ann Hobbs (Radio 1 DJ) – past guests included Bez from the Happy Mondays and some guy off Neighbours. Should be good and I’ll be taking photos just as soon as I get hold of some batteries which work.
  • Last night Hari and I made Skittles cookies – literally cookies with Skittles in, instead of chocolate chips. They’re sublime, if a little sticky. We followed this recipe from BBC Food – you need at least two normal packets of Skittles.
  • We also attempted to make profiteroles, which didn’t go quite so well – they were a bit too big, a bit burnt, and the cream was too runny – but they still tasted okay, which is important.
  • The latest chapter in my gripes with the Royal Mail concern the extortionate fees it charges for guaranteed delivery. After the Royal Mail lost my original application for a provisional driving license (I sent it recorded delivery and it never arrived) I had to get the replacement off pronto since I was intending to start learning to drive on Monday. To have its delivery guaranteed by 1pm the next day – which is essentially what first-class mail is anyway – costs £4.10 for one letter. In other words, if you’re willing to risk your item going missing or arriving late, it’s about 40p to post, but if it must get there and on time, you have to pay 10 times more. A bit steep, don’t you think? Especially as it’s surely the Royal Mail’s fault if items go missing while it’s carrying them, so we’re just paying extra to cover their own incompetence. As it is, the form did indeed arrive on time, which is a relief.
  • Lately I’ve been getting quite into MySpace – having signed up there only a couple of months ago, I’ve managed to amass 39 friends – most of whom are people I know from college or university, and the rest people I know online. My not-so-snazzy profile is here – if you know me, add me as a friend.
  • And finally, I really want the hot weather to come back now. It’s been rather dull these past few days and although the cooler temperatures have been welcome I actually liked it being really hot and sunny. Today started out really nice but it’s become somewhat overcast now – hopefully we’ll have nice weather by tomorrow. I’m now off to eat cookies.

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