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Randomness on tap

  • Britain is to launch a new Mars probe, called Bridget, in 2011. It should also not suffer the same fate as Beagle 2 by being to land better. I think it says a lot about British eccentricity when we decide to call our space probes names like ‘Beagle 2’ and ‘Bridget’, whereas NASA go for pretentious names like ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Spirit’. You could describe our space probes’ names as being more ‘down to earth’, though being ‘down to earth’ is probably the last thing you’d want a space probe to be.
  • I updated some software packages on my Mac yesterday, namely AppZapper and macam. Both have had minor updates recently.
  • I also moved my test install of MT 3.3 up to beta 2. There’s a couple of new plugins – StyleCatcher and Widget Manager now ship by default and the Google Search API stuff has been devolved to a plugin (which kinda makes sense since it’s a rather peripheral feature), and obviously bug fixes. I’ve also found that with FastCGI you need to restart Apache when you upgrade, otherwise things get messy.
  • The filming of a short video that I was supposed to be doing yesterday now won’t be happening. Which is a bit of a shame. I’m doing it in writing and then having a photo taken instead, which is a little less grandiose but nevermind. It’s only some promotional stuff for the university, probably not too dissimilar to this, but for my masters degree course.
  • I’ve been pretty slack at collecting money for bills from my housemates, which is probably not a good thing since I pay all 5 bills (gas, electricity, phone, internet and TV license). Between the two of them, they owe me 10 months of bill money, or £377.26, according to my recently-concocted spreadsheet. This would explain why I have so little money right now.
  • Hari’s been quite interested in Goodie Bag TV, a site with a lot of amusing and/or strange videos. Note that some are NSFW.

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