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Microsoft Football Scoreboard

Microsoft Football Scoreboard
It has appeared somewhat belatedly, but football fans can follow World Cup matches using the Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard, a little applet for Windows XP that lets you choose a team and monitor its progress in the competition. It doesn’t do much else but it looks nice, and you can make it partially transparent.

What is interesting is that the first step of the install asks you what country you are in, and, if you select the UK, it changes from being Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard to Microsoft Football Scoreboard, which is a nice touch. Should keep anally-retentive Brits like me from complaining anyway 🙂 .

Note that you need to pass a Windows Genuine Advantage check to be able to download it, like you do with other MS freebies such as Microsoft Match-Up which is a Solitaire-esque game.


  1. I personally prefer Google’s World Cup applet. Nothing to install, and it updates almost instantaneously.

  2. I wish I could install it at work…

  3. I wish I could install it, bloody WGA.

  4. I don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a genuine XP.