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It’s times like this when I wish I’d bought solar panels

As anyone else in Britain will testify, it’s been bloody hot of late – we haven’t had any rain in several days and hardly any clouds either (apart from this afternoon, as I write this…). So the reason why things have been quiet is partly down to me spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the sunshine. And being away from a computer.
One of Hari’s housemates is going away to Canada for 3 months towards the end of this week, so we had a big barbecue on Friday as a final get-together. We then went out – which, if I’m correct, was the first time I’d been out on a Friday night since December. This is what happens when you date a girl with a World of Warcraft addiction.
The weekend has been somewhat quiet since it’s just been too hot to do anything – I watched the England game yesterday, but other than that I’ve been taking it easy. Right now in my room it’s approaching 30°C (that’s 86°F, which is pretty hot for around here). Hopefully the hot weather will stay – the forecast says it will. Friday is the big end of term party here and with most of the events being outdoors some hot sunny weather will be great.
I’ve now finished all of my assessment for this semester so I don’t have any academic work to do this week. I’m involved in the filming of a short video tomorrow, which I should be able to tell you more about in future, and later this week I need to go shopping for some new rechargeable batteries, since some of my current ones don’t hold charge too well; suffice to say, on a full charge my digital camera will only take a couple of photos before conking out with a ‘low battery’ warning.

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