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Validaty Extension

Henrik Gemal has written a new Firefox extension called Validaty. Once installed, you can add a button to your toolbar that lets you validate a web page in the background with one click – the icon will turn green if it’s valid. If it’s not valid, it’ll turn red and give you the option of going to the HTML Validator to see what the errors are.
Though I question the ‘validity’ of the spelling of the extension’s name (sorry, couldn’t resist), this looks like a useful addition for a web developer, alongside Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Extension which is a must-have.
I also installed the coComment Firefox extensiom after signing up to the service today, which means I have yet another icon in my status bar. It’s getting quite busy down there, what with Adblock, Greasemonkey, SiteAdvisor and mozCC, plus the progress bar and the name of any secure sites I’m connected to. Maybe I need a ‘status bar manager’ now.


  1. is this just a variant of the plugin based on tidy from which kinda does the same, and shows you in the source what the problems are and such like?

  2. It’s similar.
    HTML Validator validates every page you browse automatically using its own built-in validator and shows you the number of errors in the status bar. Validaty adds a button that lets you do a manual background check for validity using the W3C’s validator and will then change colour based on the result – if there’s an error, clicking the button will send you to the W3C site.
    HTML Validator is therefore the more powerful one, but Validaty is more compact.

  3. mmmm… but webdeveloper already has this option. You can validate your html, css and the accesibility from the tools menu