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200 feeds

Yesterday I hit 200 feeds in my Bloglines subscriptions (which are publicly viewable here). 200 feeds, as you can imagine, is a lot – I’ll admit to probably spending about an hour a day just reading feeds in Bloglines. On the one hand it means I’m well-informed about what is happening in the blogosphere and tech worlds, but on the other hand, that’s a whole freaking hour of my day that could be spent doing something else.
So this morning I did some feed butcherry. I removed all of the feeds that fell into these categories:

  • Feeds for sites which no longer exist (there were at least two)
  • Feeds that hadn’t been updated in a long time (over a year in one case)
  • Feeds that are regularly updated but no longer interest me

The result of which means I’m now down to… 180 feeds. It’s not a great decrease, but I have also found some feeds that are only occasionally interesting and which I’ll put on ‘probation’ – if they don’t become significantly more interesting any time soon they’ll be chopped too.
How many feeds do you lot subscribe to, then?


  1. I’m up to 79 feeds, of which most are public and viewable here.
    Not all of my feeds are public, some of them are for private blogs and/or need authentication. Not all of my feeds are for blogs, RSS feeds are great for keeping track of wiki edits, posts and gallery updates too.
    But I really don’t want to unsubscribe in case they return – besides, the broken ones don’t take up much space/time.

  2. According to , I have 63 feeds on my LiveJournal friends list.
    (Talking of LJ, I almost responded on LJ since I have both this feed and the LJ user neilturner on my friends list. I know they’re redundant, but I’m the sort of person who doesn’t like to miss anything, just in case. ;p)

  3. Between 0 and 200…
    You see I’ve got a lot of feeds in my Bloglines account but.. well I just can’t seem to make that switch. I know I SHOULD but… still lacking the ‘killer app’ or something..

  4. I lost count. I think it’s nearing 300 now. Yikes.
    When you said that you had cut “feeds that are regularly updated but no longer interest me”, I thought for sure that would include mine… yet there I am! You like me. You really like me!

  5. Twenty-seven, though now I look, I might prune out four or five semi-dormant ones.

  6. I am now at 127, having pruned down a lot from what I was trying to monitor at one point, which was about 1100. Cannot be done, just a waste of time, even with a lot of quick scrolling and scanning.

  7. I have 142. I cut things from my subscription list all the time. I know I had over 200 at one point. I used to find myself reading things that didn’t interest me simply because they showed up in my aggregator. I’m now much better at just skipping past the stuff that doesn’t look interesting. I think the key to learning that was to subscribe to enough stuff that I didn’t have time to read it all.
    I wouldn’t try to cut it down by removing dead or dormant subscriptions. They just don’t show up in the list if there’s nothing new, but if they ever come back you’ll be among the first to know.
    On the subject of subscriptions, we seem to have quite an overlap:

  8. I only have about 49 but then I have another 10 or so in a feed reader on my companies intranet and I read various planets so it takes me some time daily to plough through them all

  9. Shame on you – I’m not there 😛

  10. 59 but a quick count shows 16 of them I don’t actually read. Even so it adds up to quite a bit of time.

  11. 202 (and no I’m not trying to outdo you!). I actually pruned quite a few in this past month, but then again I’ve also found several work related feeds which brought it up to around the 200 mark.
    This week I’ve managed to keep up to date on the posts but sometimes there are just too many posts to get through – so I then just read the 10-20 favourite channels and junk the rest.
    Got to go now – 198 new posts to read since last night……..