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  • Had a good weekend – went to Leeds with Hari to have lunch with my parents. I also finally got my present from her – “The Young And The Hopeless” by Good Charlotte, and a Futurama DVD (Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection). The CD is a bit old but I like the band, and although I have now seen every episode of Futurama (thanks to a former housemate) I don’t have any of the DVDs myself.
  • Tomorrow is my second exam – Digital Image Processing. It’s also the one I’m most terrified of as I’ve struggled to understand a lot of the concepts in it. It assumes you have A-level Maths and Physics, which is sort-of true as I have the former and AS-level Physics, but it’s been 4 years since I used them (and I wasn’t much good at either of them anyway) so I’m finding it difficult. We’ll see how I do, but thankfully I’m not the only one struggling with this module.
  • Quite how the lecturers’ strike will affect my exams remains to be seen. My first exam was set by an AUT lecturer, but he set the exam anyway as he wanted us to do well. Of the other four exams I have, three are for modules lead by striking lecturers (including the one tomorrow) so we’ll see what happens. The exam I have on Friday (Internet Security and Protocols) was set by the same module leader as one last Friday (for a module I don’t take) and that exam was set by someone else, which the lecturer was none too happy about.
  • On the plus side, at 5pm a week tomorrow, all my exams will be over. A drinking session has been planned.
  • On Wednesday I’m doing a group presentation on forensic analysis of portable devices. While my other group members are concentrating on PDAs and mobile phones, my area is portable media players, so I’ve been working on ways of recovering data from my iPod. It’s actually pretty simple – in fact, no more complex than a normal hard drive. So don’t use your iPod for storing child pornography, unless you are particularly keen to go to prison.

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  1. A belated Happy Birthday to you Neil.