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Thanks for all of the birthday wishes over the past couple of days – I had quite a good birthday but most of my presents aren’t coming until tomorrow. Not entirely sure what I’m getting but I think they will mostly be vouchers for driving lessons.
I’m having a brief experiment with Trackback. A while ago I removed the block of code that allows other weblogs to discover the trackback URL and post to it, in an effort to reduce trackback spam. This turned out to be very successful, making the trackback problem almost non-existant, however since then I’ve been getting almost no trackbacks at all which makes the feature almost useless. So I’ve re-added it, but now I’ll only be opening trackback on a handful of entries (with it off by default). I’ll see if I start getting more pings this way, or if the spam problem becomes intolerable again.
I’m looking at alternatives to trackback, such as getting data from Technorati and displaying a list of blogs that link to that entry, but I’d like to give trackback another chance before I give up on it.


  1. Firstly, happy birthday! Secondly, open trackbacks will attract spam, if you don’t have some mechanism in your blog software to stay on top of it and catch most of it.
    I’ve change blog engines in the past, solely because of their ability to deal with comment and trackback spam in an automated and accurate way – it’s the biggest problem in blogging at the moment, and I had to go the same way as you for a while.

  2. Tom: I have about 5 anti-spam plugins loaded into Movable Type, the server runs mod_security, and I have some other customisations which stop the less intelligent spambots. 🙂