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Eve of being twenty-something

  • I’m only a day away from turning 22 years old, which means I’ll disappear into the vague age range of being a twenty-something. Which is quite scary. Hari and I are hoping to go to a concert, have a meal together and then go to an 80s night with some friends, however I’m also supposed to be at a four-hour-long student union meeting during the day. Fun…
  • I’m also going to Leeds on Saturday, which should be nice – I haven’t been there for a few months (well, not outside the station anyway). I’m meeting my parents for lunch and probably doing a spot of shopping too.
  • On a completely unrelated note, Six Apart are due to release the public beta version of Movable Type 3.3 on May 31st. The beta period will last for 3 weeks, so there will be a final release in late June. It’ll be the first public release since 3.2 came out in August – the fact that there’s been no minor releases in the time since shows how solid MT’s codebase has become, and only a handful of bugs have been reported since. Details about the new release, such as its new features, will be coming in the next week.
  • I’m now running NeoOffice 2.0 alpha 3 on my Mac, which brings full compatibility with 2.0.x. Unfortunately it’s still very slow, but it’s a better experience. In any case, I have Abiword for reading MS Word and OpenDocument Text files quickly – it loads up match faster than NeoOffice, but isn’t quite so stable. Currently NeoOffice is for PowerPC Macs only but an Intel mac build is coming soon.
  • Yesterday my bank balance dipped below £200 for the first time in 3 years, which was a bit of a shock. I need to get back some money I’m owed (a total of about, um, £700…) but I may need to be having kind words with my bank manager soon. On the plus side I’m having another reasonably good month with the advertising (though the extra adverts for Firefox and Picasa which occasionally pop up have brought in a grand total of 25 cents) so I should get a nice windfall when Google pay me, and I have a summer job sorted too.
  • And finally… I still don’t think Hari has bought me a present yet. Oh well.


  1. Best wishes for tommorow 🙂

  2. That’s because every day with Hari is a gift. 🙂

  3. So does that mean I’m already lost to the range of being a twenty-something? 😛
    Nevertheless, I hope you have a fantastic time tomorrow. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday :)))

  5. Happy Birthday (based on Eastern standard time)!
    I found your blog via your post about iPod earbuds – your Griffin EarJams review. You have an excellent blog, can’t believe I’m reading the writings of a 22 year old!

  6. Happy birthday; just mentioning MS Office 12 Beta 2 is out.

  7. Thank you everyone 🙂 .
    Joe: Thanks, but I’m not really interested since I doubt I’ll be able to afford the final release.

  8. Twenty two? TWENTY TWO? Damn, in two months I’m going to be double your age…
    When I was 22 what was I doing? Running my own business, failing college, and boffing a mad Argentinean computer genius who would shortly dump me for a nebish with a parrot.
    Enjoy it while you can, mate! You’ve got a few short years before you start to feel the creaky effects of age setting in. For me it began when I discovered I could no longer drink caffeine and sleep like a babe…