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What would you get your boyfriend for his birthday?

As I keep mentioning, it’s my birthday on Thursday. Hari still hasn’t yet decided what to get me as a present (though she’s promised to take me out to dinner… somewhere) and I seem to be stuck for ideas, so I’m appealing to all of you with male partners (whether they be husbands, boyfriends, fiancΓ©s, slaves, whatever) to give her some suggestions. Note that it can’t be too expensive. Please post any ideas in the comments.
Incidentally I haven’t mentioned Hari in a few entries, so I’d just like to say she’s fine and we’re still together. We’re going to see Jerry Springer The Opera on Monday night.


  1. CD / DVD’s are normally good and pretty cheap.
    When can we see a pic of Hari, we have heard so much about her.

  2. I’m afraid this photo is the best I can do – Hari and I have an agreement that I don’t user her real name or photo in public for now.

  3. Good afternoon campers,
    Buzz Lightyear here wishing you all a fantastic week. Now then, to the issue at hand. Your hari has promised to take you out to eat somewhere. May I suggest, having looked at the silhouette of you and your other half (though I am unsure as to whether this is the right phrase all things considered, perhaps 2/3 or 3/4 would be more appropriate), that you keep your distance and give her a full feed, lest you be the subject of a the next JK Rowling installment: Hari’s Potty and shes gobbling up Neil. I suggest that she present you with a more appealing girlfriend for your birthday present in order that you dont have to hide her identity, she is i assume not a crimefighter like superman or wonderwoman, so one has to presume reasons other than the safety of mankind for your decision to give her the pseudonym “hari”. Anyway I could be wrong, I dont have time to sit and chat Im off to infinity…….AND BEYOND

  4. Hi campers,
    I am rather miffed at the moment. Time is one thing I do not have an infinite amount of and having to post once more to correct the ignorance of you Neil is quite frankly a chore I would rather be unladen with. However I do feel the need to prevent you from taking what you may consider to be the moral highground in this particular event. Now I may be wrong and if so I stand humbly corrected, but I posted on the comment section. Now blowing sunshine up your arse and giving you a bit of hows your father doesn#’t, to me, constitute a worthy comment. What is the point of someone commenting to agree with everything you said? What does it add to your website? Surely the comment part of your website is for people to COMMENT on where you went wrong, to provide some basis for discussion and interaction with people, rather than let you pollute the web with your mindless drivel about your daily goings about. “Oh this morning I had a cup of coffee….yak yak yak……it had half a spoon of sugar, not a whole one cuz im on some idiots diet and yada yada yada” “oh today I went to the shops and bought some gay porn, but not the proper gay porn the mild type thats legal in some countries and blah blah blah” “my names neil, they call me that cuz i do it alot when i see men etc etc” i do apologise for getting rather vulgar but please dont attack me for COMMENTING in your comments post. If you dont want people to comment, then dont ask them to. If you dont want something to appear on your website dont put it there in the first place. If you tell me what it is that you object to, explained well so that I can understand I will take your COMMENTS on board. Please do not label my jovial comments as “an attack” as this contrues me as some kind of hatchet man, which i may or may not be, but by the evidence presented thus far you have got carried away with your judgements.

  5. I’m all for a debate – but not when it concerns my girlfriend or how she looks. That is not up for debate here. Maybe I haven’t made that clear, but then most people tend to have the common courtesy not to post things like that.

  6. I think that you could get him something to relate to sports!! I think it would be appropriate to give him a gift certificate to Borders even because they have books, cds and DVD’S.

  7. I guess a luxury watch or a neat shoes, aside from dinner and you know what comes after. I was that prepared when my boyfriend from webdatedotcom spent his birthday with me last month.

  8. I don’t know who that lightyear guy is, but it sounds like his ego is way over-inflated. I think your girlfriend is very smart not to show her picture online.
    As for presents… I’ve always liked giving stuff I’m made. If Hari is crafty or artsy… like kitting or something. I always thought scarves and hats knit by someone for you was cute. πŸ™‚

  9. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up pretty soon. I asked him what he wants,but he said he doesnt want anything. What do i get him, and should i get him anything if he doesnt want anything?

  10. look … im 13 and iva been goin out wiv my boyfriend for about 2 weeks .. its july atm and his birthday is in january … i have ages to get him a present but i dont know wot to get .. i havnt got hundreds of pounds to spend on him so i wil probs take him out to dinner somewhere but what can i buy him! i love huim and we r gonna be together always ?!?!! wot can i get ?!?!

  11. I think it’s funny, all these replies..
    but anyways, I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 1/4 of a year, and his birthday is like… next week.
    I’ve asked him what he wanted, and he’s being all “tough” about it and being like “ohh, I don’t need no gifts!”
    so .. I’m baking him a pie.
    It’s significant in the way that everytime I do something wrong, he says “get inthe kitchen and make me a pie!” (sarcastically) so, I’m actually going to do it!
    something significant is always good.. in my opinion, and I”m sure no one would argue.

  12. I’m in the same boat as everyone. Its my boyfriends 20 th birthday in two weeks and I want to give him a gift as well as taking him out for dinner.
    I like Devi’s response about the pie, very appropriate.

  13. its my bf’s birthday in october and i dont know wat to get him, but y dont you get him some jewelry with his enitials on it or the new untd top if he supports them

  14. hi! ok my boy friends birthday is in 2 days i’m freaking out here and i have no clue wut to get him at all. he’s turning 19 and going away to university in 3 days and im still in highschool. i really need help cause i have no ideas at all.

  15. Ok I don’t know if this will help me at all but I will give it a shot and please give me all the respones and ideas possible cause I need help. My boyfriends birthday is coming up and I have no clue of what to get him. I looked at tons of idea and want something unique. I am far away at college right now so I won’t be able to be there. CDs and DVDa just an’t gonna work, he’s not really the romantic type so I dont wanna do nothing to mushy and clothin he just has to pick out himself….. Soooo, WHat do I do??? Please help!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i’ve been going out with my boyfriend for an year and 7 months. for his birthday, i got him a foam pillow. for christmas, i got him a dvd. for valentine’s day, i bought him a candle holder and filled it up with lindt’s chocolates. for his other birthday, i got him a japanese black tea set with a pack of green tea. aaand… i think that’s it. i also like writing letters to him with the gifts, annnddd… uhh. we built a build-a-bear together. if any of this helps, that’d be cool.

  17. Ok, so i like my guy friend, and he
    likes me back
    so, his birthday is on TUESDAY. and
    its SUNDAY
    and i have no idea what to get him.
    i’ve asked him over email (he lives in
    illinois, and i’m in wisconsin)
    but he’s really slow to reply to emials
    i’m going to the mall today
    ANY IDEAS??~?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

  18. its my boyf’s 19th birthday next month and i want to do some thing really special for him and spend the night out some where has ene 1 got ene good ideas

  19. Ok for all you girls who dont know what to get. Be creative, a guy would love a brand spankin new car or something really expensive. But the thing is you don’t hvae that surplus of cash. The main thing that a guy would like is something that makes them remember when you and him had a great time. Like the one above who made pie. Thats a great idea. If you two went to a beach together a lot or once find a sea shell and put a picture of him and you on it. The main problem to tackle is finding the great time you had together, once you get that its down hill from there.

  20. My boyfriends birthday 18th birthday is today and we’ve been together for 8 months and he told me to “be creative” in getting him a gift. So i made him a scrapbook for his birthday. I made one page for every month we have been together and i emphasized special moments between us like our prom last year or his football games.. i know that he’s gonna love it and even though mine is mushy (all filled with love and stuff) if you haven’t been together that long, or if you’re just friends.. you can make a not so lovey-dovey one about your friendship or fun stuff you have done together.. emphasize the “inside jokes” and other things that you consider important. Hope this helps

  21. Okay, my boyfriends birthday is in about 2 weeks, so i have a good amount of time to get something. He is the skater type and i usually date preps so.. i kinda have no clue wat to get him. if i get him a new video game or skater video it would be like a friend giving a friend a gift, and i dont want to make something either. AH i dont kknow wat to do…

  22. I am 11 years old and i am going out with a boy he is really tall and he wants me to kiss him.I want to but i am going to have to go on my tipitoes.I quess i will kiss him for his present.

  23. its my boyfriends birthday and valentines day in the same week so iv’e been really having a hard time to find two things f0r him (as it was xmas not 2 long ago 2)but tonight ive decided i’m going to cook him a meal for valentines or take him somewhere and for his birthday i’m going make him a scrap book with pictures and stuff like cinema tickets/train tickets in from when were gone places also im gonna add some texts and msns conversations we have had to remind him of the good times, but im gonna tell him not 2 open it till his alone and feeling lonely. woooo i cant wait to get started now

  24. i just want to say from my experience never make a scrap book fo your boyfriend beacuse ive spent hours woking on it, and i gave it 2 him a few days ago and now hes dumped me and said it had something to do with it. it was a complete waste of time as i aso spent a fortune on cds he wanted and now its al over so there really was no point

  25. my boyfriends bday is in 2 months and he says he wants it 2 come from my heart

  26. gemma, that scrap book idea is brilliant, that guy that dumped you was just a jerk, i think i’m goin to make a scrap book for my boyfriend plus some other stuff. because we have has sooo many good times, and we have like 20 movie ticket stubs

  27. So it’s my boyfriend’s 17th birthday in a couple of weeks and I’m really bad at figuring out what to get guys for holidays and stuff. For Christmas I got him dogtags and it had our anniversary date and both of our names on the back… on the front was the first letter of his name made with rhinestones. i ordered it online. WELLL now I have no idea. I got him a really nice hat already… it’s all gangster or whatever, just like he likes lmfao. I want something really amazing for him though, and I’m thinking about making him something myself. Maybe a scrap book because I have 23-430925813059r8439r39 movie tickets hahah. I’ll see what happens though.

  28. my boyfriend’s 17th bday was last week, and I still haven’t found something to get him. >_

  29. I love sausages and eggs

  30. I know i have a while still but my boyfriends birthday is in May. Hes turning 22. I have no clue what to get him. All he says to me is dont worry about getting anything for me. I dont need anything. But I really want to get him something special. Thing is i dont get much from work and need to save money for our holiday in like 3 months time.
    Any ideas would be nice. thanks

  31. yeah im with alex, sausages and eggs sound good.

  32. my bf’z birthday is in lyke a week n i had no idea what 2 get him till i opened this website. the scrap book idea gave me a really good idea n now im gna make a slideshow 4 all the amazing time we spent together. im also planning on suprising him. lets c what happens πŸ™‚

  33. Ah yes, funny these comments are.
    My boyfriends 22nd birthday is coming up in less than two weeks. I keep asking him what he wants, and all he says are things that are way out of my expense range. Like XBOX360 or A computer monitor.
    We always had an inside joke, of “get to the kitchen and make me a sammich!” But aside from that, I had planed on taking him out to eat, or cooking him steak. Visa versa either way, I am lost with a gift.
    Although, I am making him a cheery pie. xD

  34. For my boyfriend’s birthday last year I bought him a scrapbook, (he’s into the whole art thing)…and somewhere randomly in the middle, I wrote 100 reasons why I loved him. (mostly just inside jokes, or something cute like ‘you’re eyes are blue’…or even song lyrics from a song that has a memory tied to it). he totally loved it.
    I’ve also made him a scrapbook for our one-year and he loved it. For his birthday this year…I bought him this really cool picture frame and I’m going to find fitting pictures to put in it. I’m also getting him a custom made shirt with a cute saying on it that only he would understand. From my experience…go with something that’s personal and relates to only you and him. It’s nice to bring up old memories abnd incorporate them into something shows that you remember and care.
    Hope this helps!

  35. my boyfriend / fiancee’s birthday is on may14….he is turning 22…i know all you girls are really confused with what to get your boyfriends but my idea boyfriend was a motorcycle….a honda cbr 600 f2…if you know about bikes at all and he bought it last summer and it is just sitting in our garage because he was to insurance…so i’m going to go to the insurance company and put insuance on his bike and put the pink slip in his birthday card…i hope he’ll like it…i think the idea about the scrap book is a great idea!!!…maybe next year?…everyone tell me what you think about my gift idea please!!

  36. im 16 and have been going out with my boyfriend for 5 weeks now. his birthday is in a month and i have no idea what to get him. i would get him a cd but i dont think it would be good enough coz i just lend him mine all the time. i would make him a scrap book but i dont think we’ve been together long enough for that. so i will do that for our 1 year anniversary or valentines day if we are hopefully still together by then. i really dont know what to get him. oh well im sure i’ll think of something.

  37. I dont know about anyone else but my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years now and i am out of ideas…but i’ll find something perfect. Anyway…for those of you who dont have a clue, here are some things I have gotten for him in the past:
    Boxers, shirts
    A nice watch
    A Build-a-Bear
    An iPod playing clock thing
    DVDs – lots of them
    I made a blanket for him
    A key chain
    Seasons of his favorite TV shows on DVD
    Thats all I can think of right now…I hope this helps!

  38. hey my bfs 18 in 5 weeks and i just lost my job so i’m stuck for cash reli :S so i cant reli afford anything expensive i was thinkin of 18 small gifts and recreating our first date but it was at an outside skatin rink n its closed now and wev onli been goin out 3 months aven vo we are truly in love hes not reli a scrap book kind lol iv done romantic things for him before tho and he loves it. any ideas ….
    help me please !!

  39. you could get him a hug and kiss or a video of a your childhod.

  40. I’m 12 and I will be going out with my bf for a year on june 15th , and his b-day is on the 27th , i sorta don’t know what to get him , becuse when i ask him , he says he don’t care ,
    i was thinking about getting him , like a cd because i rember him saying about it once and , some smell good stuff :)…
    but i donno , cuz .. its kindalike something u would just get a friend ,,.,, so now i don’t know what to do … can anyone help?

  41. well i was dating my boyfriend for 8 months, and he was totally into the whole moutain biking and the whole dirtbike scene shit, soo for christmas i got him a dirtbike model, cologne and a canucks jersey, and for valentines day i brought him to the first place we met which was just right around the corner and gave him a gold chain he had been talking about, and he loved it! i hope i helped at all?

  42. I live in Australia and my boyfriend lives, loves and breathes footy (AFL)… so for $50 you can get the AFL commentary people to make a special 15 minutes recording. You just fill in the details (name, ages, family members, what team they go for, what they look like etc…) and the commetators will commentate a “grand final” of AFL where the person you gave it to wins the game for the team! it’s totally worth all the money and by far the BEST PRESENT TO GIVE to a football fanatic.
    All the same, if you don’t live in Australia and have no idea what Aussie Rules is but your boyfriend is sport-mad, YOU could record yourself (or someone who’s good at that sorta stuff) commentating a big grand final where your boyfriend wins the game. It’s brilliant πŸ™‚

  43. oh and by the way that internet site where you can order from is:

  44. My boyfriend 17th birthday is coming up.I was thinking about getting him a baseball jersey that he has always wanted but they are like 80 to 100 bucks.I dont make that much money and I have a lot of stuff I have to pay for myself.Should I just get him that or what?I dont know what to do!!!!Please help!!!!

  45. its mi bfz 17th in about 2 weeks n ive so far got him a tshirt from topman
    n im gonna make him a scrapbook n a cake
    i’m gonna get him tix to c our favourite band but he says he wants a balloon…
    if youre into all that soppy romantic stuff i’d reccomend naming a star after him (online)
    recent presents i have bought him are:
    watch,ipod speakers/earphones,converse,cds,socks,etc.
    i guess it should be personal if you’ve been going out for over 6 months
    btw i’ve been with him for the best 9 months of my life…
    hope this helps xx

  46. My boyfriends birthday is in a week he is turning 15 weve been dating for 4months i have NO idea what to get him he tells me he wants noothing but i want to get him SOMETHING?

  47. My boyfriends birthday is in a week he is turning 15 weve been dating for 4months i have NO idea what to get him he tells me he wants noothing but i want to get him SOMETHING?

  48. lol isnt it annoying how guys always say they dont want anything?
    my boyfriend says im all he needs.
    i really want to get him something, and im already working on a scrap book.
    its such a common idea though, so im going to surprise him with a picnic on a beach, in these old closed down lifeguard towers.
    then we will go out on my dads sailboat and anchor off in a little bay or something, and swim.
    i think it’s a cute idea, what do you think?

  49. I know this is probably extremely late, but you can maybe use it for next time aswell. I am 16 years old, my boyfriend is 18. There is no real reason, but I want to surprise him with something to cheer him up a little bit through the hard times hes been going through lately. I was reading all the reply entries and came up with a great idea. My boyfriend and I have alot of fun together, and alot of the times we have a memorable momment, a song is always on the radio. We have this thing for remembering those songs and momments (or atleast I do, haha) and we also have “a song”. So after reading everything I decided I would burn a CD of all the songs, and on the bucklet that will be placed in the CD cover, I will put pictures or quotes from the memorable momments, ofcourse matching the songs in order. I thought it might be kind of like a scrapbook/CD/present thing. Maybe it might give you an idea. Just trying to help. And thank you for helping me :]

  50. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, i would like to thank u all for what u done to me. i like to make a relaiotn with a man who really understands me and to be romantic with me.since i had left my old boyfriend mazen, i did’t find till now the best replacment. i would like u to help me find a better guy because iam feeling lonely

  51. my birthday was on july 9th and my boyfriend of 7 months, his is on the 12th. I had a hard time, trying to get him sumthn, but he jokingly wanted doretos, and cheetos. of coarse im not getting him that. so…thats out of the question. The smeely good stuff is called cologn, and thats what i got my bf. he really liked it and mabey yours will too. Go to the movies and it will be your treat….have fun….

  52. hay, my friend angel suggested that you should make “coupons”. there made from scratch and they dont cost anything but your time. For exampel. a free back rub,or a nite on the town,free dinner, or it can be what you decide. You should know your boy better than any1. just remember, any gift from the heart shall not fail.

  53. aww tiz really helped meh cuz ii av been goin out wiv mii boyfriend for 10 months nw && im onlii 12 and its his birthday in a month and ii want to do sumet ded nice 4 him xxx thnkz xxx

  54. My boyfriends 18th b-day is comming up in September..and i dont know what to get him…any suggestions..will help

  55. Hey Monica,
    So your boyfriends birthday is coming up, i see? Well, here are some suggestions: What does he like to do? If he’s a sports guy, play a game with him. If he’s more of the “preepy” then how about the whole dinner and a movie date.{your treat}…if he’s skater, then mabey you could spend a day trying to skate{if you already dont know how to.} Either way what ever you do just spend the day together if thats all you can do. Your company should be the best gift ever. If there’s a movie he wants get it for him. Or that special cologne, or that awesome shirt. Mabey a gift card. Me, personally guys aren’t really into the whole scrap book thing. He may seem like he likes it, but it will be thrown some where and be forgotten. But thats my personall opinion, well, hope his birthday is nice and whatever you get him and if it comes from the heart, he will appreciate it. hope he has a great day. wish him a happy birthday for me….please write me back if im any help..

  56. I gave my boyfriend mono for his birthday.
    He’s had mono twice in the three years we’ve known each other, so I got him a stuffed replica of the mono microbe, hahah. He had a good laugh.

  57. Hey.
    Me and my boyfriend have been together a few weeks.
    His birthday is in a few days.

  58. I hope this helps a few of you; my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months but have known each other about 4 years (and have dated a few months at the beginning of those 4 years). We live about 3 hours away from each other so mostly only see each other on weekends. His birthday was Monday (both of us are working otherwise I would have made it a point to be with him on his birthday). Neither of us normally have any money but this month, I happen to have some to spend and this is what I am doing for him:
    I am buying him a nice pair of flip-flops because I’m tired of seeing the boy run around in his tennis shoes in 100 degree weather! He of course wants flip-flops but won’t buy himself clothes because he’s basically helpless. I am also more than likely going to get him a nice shirt to wear out. These are things he needs and also wants – I am a hero. Ask yourself if there is anything your boyfriend may want but won’t necessarily go out and buy for himself. If it’s something he will use a lot then he will think of you every time he uses it!
    I am taking him out for nice dinner. He pays for us all of the time and it is my turn to reciprocate and make up for all the times he orders me sweet tea and himself a water. I am taking him to the Melting Pot, which is pricey – but taking him out anywhere and picking up the tab would suffice. Ultimately HE JUST WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU; YOU ARE HIS GIRLFRIEND/SIGNIFICANT OTHER FOR A REASON. Remember that and you will go far.
    Lastly I am splurging on a Bed & Breakfast for the night we celebrate his birthday. I’m bringing his XBox and the Die Hard trilogy. Not only am I a cool girlfriend who takes him out to dinner – but I’m going to let him do things he likes. Does your boyfriend spend an extrodinarily long time playing World Series of Poker on XBox? Break out the cards and poker chips and host your own game. Get creative with the bets – you can raise with a back massage.
    My birthday was at the end of May and my boyfriend took me on a picnic at the beach filled with all my favorite foods (which showed me he had been paying attention) and was inexpensive. It was perfect! The company is the only thing that is truly important so don’t bog yourself down with not knowing exactly what to do. If he’s the right guy then I guarantee he will absolutely love anything you will do for him.

  59. ok .. all these ideas . I’VE TRIED and i think im SCREWED our 10 months is in 9 days .. and i think i’m gonna hyperventalate cos i can’t think of ANYTHING. gosssh –” i alreeady made a scrap book. & i got him a bracelet with our date, and ” ally loves allan ” on it. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO .
    please help πŸ™

  60. I’ve been reading through this and some of the suggestions have been helpful. My boyfriend’s 21st is in a week and I want it to be special. I do have some ideas to share with you guys, hopefully you’ll find them helpful.
    Blanket: You cuddle with your boyfriend right? Give him super soft blanket to make that even more cozy and fun.
    Mug: My boyfriend and I love breakfast dates and we always sit and drink coffee together, so I bought him a mug while I was in Nicaragua that can remind him of all those good breakfast dates.
    Socks: It’s more like a funny gift, but my boyfriends feet are always cold. He’s tall and he just says his feet are so far from his heart, so I’m getting him some socks.
    Mix CD: I really think this is a great idea because it shows you can pick music he’ll like and that it meaningful. Give it to him with a list of the songs and why you chose them or what they remind you of, and he’ll never listen to those songs without thinking of you again.
    I hope this helps you guys, and keep posting, because I could sure use more ideas.

  61. this has been soo helpful for my boyfriends 16th, in a few weeks. hes kind of the nerdy romantic guy, but he is also pretty sporty and sociable, so a bit of an all rounder. ive decided to make love coupons and take him for a picnic at a secluded beach. πŸ™‚
    some presents i have given him before are:
    a box with memories and lyrics to our song in it. (easier and quicker than making a scrapbook)
    cologne (he is obsessed with it)
    a powerpoint presentation with photos of our time together and our song playing in the background with a kind of letter in it too. (this pretty much brought him to tears.)
    good luck, πŸ™‚

  62. theres some good stuff here. well, my boyfriends 23rd birthday and our 2 year anniversary is next week. and im too messy to be a scrapbooker and hes not sappy enough to appreciate it. so for all you girls in the same position as me.. ive found that there are actually 4 simple ways to make your guy happy on The day. or any day, infact.
    1.) let him sleep late and cook him waffles, fresh juice, eggs, all that mess
    2.) allow him to watch his football match without you complaining and give him a massage.
    3.) after the football match, strip to your sexy lingerie and have sex till the sun goes down..
    4.) and when it finally does let the poor man sleep without babbling on about tomorrow or how your friends are bitches sometimes.
    haha.always is a memorable day…

  63. hay my bfs 21st bday in 10 days i have not yet got his prezzy but i kno wat im getting him just dnt no if its a good one im gettn him a car if anyone has a better idea please share

  64. i have alot of questions.ok, christmas is coming and i have a new boyfriend.everything is great execpt for the fact that we havent seen each other in about a month. i want to get him something for christmas, but i dont know what to get him. we dont have that many memories together. i dont want to get him something extreme like a rolex, but i want to get him something that lets him know im always thinkin of him. i usually would jewlry, but he doesnt wear it like that. while you are thinkin on that, i have another i have to get his mom anything? we never met and the only time i talk to her is when she answers the phone when im callin him.and if i do have to get her something what do i get her?

  65. My Boyfriend is turning 29 in 2 weeks i have no clue what to get him any idea

  66. for myt boyfriends anniverasry, i made him a cheap recording of me singing a song and i put it on a mix. he loves it, and its the most played song he has. I know that not everyone will be able to get to Hershey park to make the recordning, but even just singing? i know that i hate singing so for him it was a real treat.
    i’m also making him a Build-a-bear for him to hold for nights that we cant be together.
    His birthday is the same week as Valentines day, so all of the gifts are for both. glow in the dark boxers are also a fun idea.

  67. My boyfriend’s a geeky gamer and car enthusiast. My gift to him is a lot. First, we’ll head to a gas station so I can put $20 of gas into his car, then we’re heading to the flea market to buy him a television. After that, we’re going to the car lot so he can get some used car parts. Then we’re going to BestBuy to get him an Xbox360. We’ll stop by McDonalds to get something to eat, and we’ll stop by Blockbuster to rent some games/movies. Finally, we’ll head back to his house and play his Xbox360 until we can’t anymore, and then fall asleep watching movies together.
    Incorporate buying things he wants with buying things he needs. Guys appreciate that.

  68. my boyfriend’s birthday is in just a few days, i’ve tried the whole jokey present thing, but whenever i see them it just looks wrong.
    this sites been really helpful, i think i’m going to burn him a cd of the songs that mean something cos that seems to be a really popular idea, and seeing as we’ve only been together 3 months, we dont really have enough memories to make a scrapbook. i’ve also got him chocolates and his fave bands new cd.
    thankyou for the help πŸ˜€

  69. well its not like your going to stay together anyway, hes probly cheating on you right lame are you.

  70. okay so i need alot of help, my boyfriend and i have been going out for a year and five months now and everything between us was perfect until a few weeks ago when we got into a huge fight. now things will go from good to bad to better again, in a matter of days. his birthday is coming up on the 23rd and i really want to get him something that will help our relationship and mean something to him. that whole scrapbook thing is a great idea and so is that baking him pie lol but the thing is im not very crafty and im deff not a good cook. i really dont want to lose him and i feel like if i let him down on his birthday then we will just be over and i cant stand the thought of us being over…

  71. Ok so I’ve been with my bf for over a year now.
    We’ve had all the holidays together and I’ve done pretty much everything mentinoned.
    Everything I haven’t done he’s done for me.
    I have no more fresh ideas.
    I just need something to buy him and wrap up.
    Dinner and all that stuff is easy enough.
    What should I BUY for him????

  72. ok so my boyfrieds birthday is tomorrow and im working this morning, we’r suppose to go to dinner tonight but dinner just seems so…lame in a way because we go to dinner all the time….its kind of a weekend celebration but im completely lost lol!!….help!!! plase im so out of time!!!

  73. WOW! This blog has been really useful for me! The ideas are great, its my boyfriends 17th in 6 days and i really wanted to make it special. We’ve been dating for 19 months now, since we were 14/15,and everything has been great until about a month ago when we were close to breaking up for good. Luckily we both realised how difficult it would be without each other and are starting to repair the damage. I feel as if i really have to perform this sunday, because it could perhaps bring new life into our realationship if you know what i mean? I love him to pieces, and heres what i thought i’d do: 1. The 100 things i love about you idea was awesome! He’ll love that, and it beats the usual love letter.
    2.The first gift i ever gave him was a thread bracelet, so i’ve already brought him back a similar one from my holiday last week.
    3. As a bit of an ‘in joke’ i’d buy him funky laces so i thought that was cool.
    4. As above with funky boxers…..
    5. …..And funky Socks!
    6. He LOVES scones, so i thought id make him some specially, and maybe some cookies and a cake too πŸ™‚
    7. A CD with ‘our’ songs on it, ones that really hold memories for us.
    8. A picture collage of us together.
    9. He loves cricket, so im thinking on a gift relating to that…..
    I thought it would be nice to give him 17 gifts, seeing as he’s turning seventeen, so fingers crossed for the other 8!! πŸ™‚


  75. im getting my boyfriend a hamster :). he once talked about how much he loved his hamster when he was little, and how sad he was when it died. he said he had it for 8 yrs. i didnt have the heart to tell him that his parents probably switched it lol bless him.
    i dont know if that has helped, cus i have been stuck for presents for weeks. im making a bunch of stuff too cus i dont have much money πŸ™‚

  76. HAHA ya right you dont have a bf. if you did he would just dump you for me bitch. HA

  77. ok so me and my bf have been going out for 3 months now and his bday is coming up and he says he doesn’t want anything but i rly wanna get him somehting special. we r both rly busy with r different sport schedules so we nvr get to hang. i wnat the gift to b special but not to expensive. wat shld i do?

  78. My boyfriend and I are coming up on a year and half, along with Valentines day and his 22nd Birthday. Here are some of the things I have gotten him:
    1)He got me a scrapbook with only a few pages in the beginning so I finished that. 2) For his 21st I got him a Party Bus and invited all of his friends from back home to take us to all of the bars in Milwaukee. (I charged his friends $10 bucks to get on type deal so I didn’t end up paying for the whole thing myself because lets face it, I’m a poor college student). 3)Nice Button up shirts 4)A sexy outfit from Victoria’s Secret 5)DVD’s 6)Packer Tickets in the Endzone (surprisingly cheap) 6)Brewer Tickets 7)Hat from Lids 8)Picture Frames (with beer bottle tops hot glued around them–if your guy is into beer) 9)A North Face Fleece…hope that helps!

  79. Hello there, i am thinking of getting a new motorcycle for my hubby. He though is very worried about what type of injuries could take place from motor biking accidents. See his love is sports so if he was hurt, he would probably kill himself, no jokes. Do you think biking injuries most likley occur, or is it usually only dying!

  80. Heeey ive been going out with my boy for about a month and 2 weeks..
    his birthdays in a cupl of days but hes not really a sapy kinda guy. i askd him what he wants and he said you. and nothing else. although its sooo cute idk wat to get him. he 16 too…
    grrrr.. help me! seiously!!!! thanks guys! x