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Fixing Skype on PocketPC

I’ve been having problems with Skype on my Dell Axim x50v PocketPC, whereby the text in the application would all be garbled gobbledygook. I managed to fix it today, by removing Skype, then going to Start, Settings, System, Regional Settings and changing the locale to ‘English (United States)’, and then re-installing Skype. You can then change the locale back to whatever it was (‘English (United Kingdom)’ in my case) and it should work okay. I’m guessing that Skype is multi-lingual but doesn’t support British English yet.
Funnily enough, Intel’s graphics drivers suffer a similar problem. Damn those yankees for not respecting British culture 😉 .
Talking of PDAs, I took the latest version of Minimo (version 0.015) for a spin today. Seems to work well on my Axim (a device that it’s had problems with in the past), though it’s a bit slow to start. Still, the interface is good and it supports things like tabs, and unlike Opera it’s free. It now also means that my PDA has more web browsers installed on it than my laptop, which is slightly bizarre but there you go.


  1. Hello Neil:
    I am having problems activating my Skype account since I upgraded from 1.5 to 2.0. I have uninstalled and re-installed the software, restored my computer to an earlier date, as well as moved back to my default web browser, Explorer, since I thought Firefox might be preventing me from making a call. I also went into the firewall settings on my HP laptop and clicked off or deleted skype from the list of exceptions as recommended by Skype’s Help column.
    But nothing works. I was worried about upgrading for this reason but finally succumbed to the upgrade prompt after several weeks of clicking, not now.
    Now what can I do besides doing a total system restore to wipe out any memory of Skype and start anew. Do I have to do that? Or is there an easier way to remedy this problem?
    Thank you and sincerely,

  2. If it’s a problem with your Skype *account*, you’d be better off talking to Skype themselves – send them a support ticket. It’s unlikely that the problem is with your computer, and will almost certainly not be caused by Firefox so you can go back to that.