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Atom Updates

I’ve made two big changes to the Atom feeds tonight:

  1. Category feeds are now using Atom 1.0 – they’ve been using Atom 0.3 until now, even though Atom 1.0 has been out for some time and the other feeds have been converted.
  2. All Atom feeds on this site now support Atom Threading Extensions, which adds some extra metadata for dealing with comments and replaces a variety of RSS namespaces in the process. It means that the entry feeds (i.e. the main feed and category feeds) will link to the comments area of an entry, and also to comments Atom feed for that entry. And, if your aggregator supports it, the number of comments will be shown too. This extension has already been rolled out in Typepad and Friendster blogs and it is in the process of being submitted to the IETF for ratification as an RFC, like Atom itself.

These changes will be transparent to almost everyone, mainly because few services and aggregators support the extra features, but they may take off in future. I also closed the last of the RSS feeds on here when I turned off the feeds being generated for categories – they now redirect to their equivalent Atom feeds. This means that this site is officially an RSS-free zone.

One Comment

  1. Your changes break the RSS reader at .