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Myspace IM

Myspace has launched its own instant messaging client, which allows you to talk to other users of the Myspace service. It’s currently in beta.

The client is very basic – a bit like Google Talk – and will only let you communicate with other Myspace users as it’s not linked to any of the other networks. A quick analysis using Ethereal seems to suggest that it’s using something similar to the MSN Messenger protocol but I’m not entirely sure.

Though I downloaded it, I’m not going to be using it – mainly because I only have a handful of friends on there and most already use MSN or something else. But with AOL and MSN trying to compete with Myspace and already offering mature IM clients, it’s easy to see why Myspace would do this. People tend to use what their friends use, and if all of their friends use Myspace IM then that’s what they’ll use. Though I prefer the ideology of Jabber and Google Talk, I use MSN most of the time since most of my friends are on it, though there are the picky few who insist on using AOL or Yahoo.
I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before the likes of Trillian, Adium and Gaim support this network, particularly if it’s very similar to MSN. But I do wish that the client was interoperable with other networks.


  1. I don’t think there is ANY place for more IMs out there. Especially closed networks.

  2. I wish Microsoft would hurry up and link Yahoo! Messenger contacts into Windows Live Messenger. One IM client is enough for me thanks.

  3. Its not MSN protocol, just the same port.

  4. Were do i find some new MS layouts?

  5. Myspace IM will definetly be big. It is still in the beta stages obviously, but it will be able to compete and eventually take over the IM field for several reasons. One, it already has a built in database of over 70 million users. People will discover and see that all they have to do is put in the username of their friend, and they are on their friend list profile pick and all. The second is because, it’s Myspace, its the thing and they people will love Myspace IM because, its Myspace.

  6. UMMM….when i try to download it, it says… error DLL. or something! HELP!

  7. i think this is really kool and it wont take as long as the other things do!!

  8. Yeah, I agree. Myspace IM will be BIG. But still, one IM client is enough for us all. This client will take over the whole IM field. I don’t understand the retard who will probably make millions off of this idea. There’s already different clients out today. AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber, ICQ…etc. How about they just make a decent Universal one, so that way everybody can communicate thru one client.

  9. I’m pretty sure you can link MySpace IM with GAIM

  10. How do you get the question mark with the “<acronym>” tag??

  11. George: Put this in your stylesheet:

    acronym {
    cursor: help;

    I’m now closing comments on this entry since I’m getting a lot of 12-year-old AOL users posting useless stuff that I’ve had to delete. OMFG WTF! etc.