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NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha

The second alpha build of NeoOffice 2.0 was released today. NeoOffice 2.0 is based on 2.0, and so it brings with it the updated interface, full OpenDocument support and a database program. Like previous versions of NeoOffice, it retains its closer integration with Mac OS X, with a native menu bar and print facility, as well as using system fonts, though the interface is still a very Windows-ish grey for the time being.
The alpha builds are available under the ‘Early Access Programme’, which means that you have to pay to use them (they become free after the 23rd May). From tomorrow, the alpha build will be $10 but at the moment it’s $25. The money will help to support the development of NeoOffice.
This looks good – right now, the existing stable version of NeoOffice does not fully support OpenDocument and lacks the much-improved interface that provides, however, itself on OS X isn’t very good as printing doesn’t always work and you’re restricted to using a subset of fonts. It also has to run in X11, making it very slow. I can’t wait for the final release of NeoOffice 2.0.

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