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Final two weeks

I’m about to start the final two weeks of lectures on my course – after that, it’s all exams and dissertation. Before then though I have a rather large piece of programming to hand in – a virtual environment, written in Visual C++ and OpenGL. It’s not particularly easy work and is taking a very long time to do.
I’ve also managed to lose my USB memory stick. I’ll ask tomorrow to see if anyone has handed it in, but to be honest I’m looking for a new one as it only had 256 MB of space and was only USB 1.1 – nowadays, you can get 1 GB USB 2.0 sticks for £20. There wasn’t anything on there that isn’t saved elsewhere, thankfully.
I’m also considering the purchase of a Bluetooth headset. I’m intending to learn to drive this summer (will be applying for my provisional license this week) so to be safe I’ll need some kind of hands-free kit. My phone does come with one but it’s not very good, and I’d like one that would also work with my Mac and laptop, so that I could use it for Skype or TeamSpeak conversations. Any recommendations welcome but my budget is a maximum of £30.
Update: A regular reader, Daniel Watson, sent me a Jabra 205 headset – thanks!


  1. I got SWMBO a headset from ebuyer ; it works absolutely fine.

  2. Your environment sounds interesting. Planning on releasing it as open-source?

  3. Sorry Joe, I can’t. Apart from the fact that much of the code is re-used from other sources, I’m unsure on the university’s policy about copyright and open source.