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New mouse

I have a new mouse for my laptop. The scroll wheel on my old one stopped working, which is rather annoying as I find scroll wheels on mice really helpful (and why it amazed me that it took Apple until last year to stick a scroll wheel on its mice). It’s still a corded mouse as I them on my laptop (my Mac mouse is RF wireless) and like the last one it was bought from eBay for not a lot of money. It’s silver and has a brushed metal appearance, and the scroll wheel glows blue when it’s turned on. Naturally it’s an optical mouse, and it’s USB – like most laptops mine does not support PS/2.
My laptop keyboard has also developed a minor problem – the ‘W’ key sometimes doesn’t work. It’s not a major problem since ‘w’ doesn’t feature too prominently in English words but typing ‘www.’ at the beginning of web addresses can be a bit problematic, as you can imagine. I’m sure it’s easily fixable though.


  1. Ctrl+w to close tabs in Firefox 🙂
    I can highly recommend the Logitech MX1000 Laser, which I use both at work and at home. A great mouse.

  2. most sites don’t need the www anyway

  3. I got a new mouse this week… the left handed MX 610 I’ve been banging on about on my blog.
    It’s going to take some getting used to, since this is probably the first curved (i.e. to fit your hand) mouse I’ve ever owned.