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I voted

Today is council election day for many of the local council wards in England. Mine was up for election, and I’ve just got back from voting. I voted Liberal Democrat in the end, but was also considering voting Green. Labour and the Conservatives were also standing – I’m not too happy with Labour right now and never been very happy with the Conservatives, and in any case the Conservative candidate lived in Leeds, not in central Bradford which is the area the ward covers.
If you’re registered to vote, I do hope you turn out to vote, and that you use your vote wisely.


  1. I voted for the only person on the list who lived in my ward…shouldn’t that be kind of a prerequisite?

  2. Hi Neil
    Found your blog via some inbound links to your ‘don’t vote BNP’ post, and thought you may be interested in this site – – which is collecting responses from MPs (as well as the public) as to WHY they think the BNP is making such gains, and what they think can be done to stop them.
    It’s a site from a political theatre company who have a play on in the West End later this month which tackles the issues head on. Very timely and very worth checking out…

  3. Thanks – a few of my friends saw Fair when it was at the Theatre in the Mill in Bradford recently. They said it was good – unfortunately I was busy at the time so I couldn’t go to see it.

  4. Why has this just appeared in my feedreader, when the vote was over a week ago?