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Installation problem

While trying to install the latest (and near-final) build of Windows Live Messenger Beta, I got this error message: (click to view full size)

Screenshot of Windows Live Messenger setup

Nice one, Microsoft.

Update: Looks like I’m not the only one, as this El Reg reader had the same issue. Windows Live Messenger is now a public beta, so you no longer need an invite to download it.


  1. That is pretty funny. Especially after having spent the morning working with Microsoft testers trying to help them re-create the install bug I had encountered with IE7.

  2. So how exactly are you supposed to install something that needs the installer to be closed to continue? One of the best error messages I’ve ever seen.

  3. at least you had the option to ignore – some of them will only let you cancel or retry.

  4. Hmmm some form of twisted logic methinks. Makes perfect sense.

  5. Yeah, man, that’s serious gold materail! Made my day!

  6. Sorry to spoil the fun but you know installers don’t always exit properly, could it be that you attempted an install which failed yet is still running in the background? It might not even be listed in task manager.
    I used to come across a similar problem regularly, the Sophos updater used to hang which would lock the MSI install system and stop any other MSIs from being installed until you restarted.

  7. sins i have Windows live messenger I get allwes frees CP tel me what I must do to get out from this problem.

  8. i have a problem with WLM when i siggnin comes a window with dont send or send error. i uninstall it and insttall and im still have this problem.. can anyone help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?