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Mandriva One + Bluetooth = Crazy Delicious

I can’t say that I’ve ever tried to get Bluetooth working under Linux, but I was using Mandriva One today and noticed a Bluetooth icon in the panel. So I plugged in my Belkin USB Bluetooth dongle, and – lo and behold – it actually worked. I was able to browse my Nokia 6230i with no problems – using it as just as easy as in Windows or Mac OS X. And all I did was plug in a USB dongle – no complex configuration or anything like that. It “just worked” – something that I wish I could say more often about features in Linux distros.

It’s certainly more than can be said about my experience (thus far) with getting Wifi to work in Mandriva. I have two Wifi PCMCIA cards, both made by Edimax – an old wireless-B one based on the Atmel chipset and a newer wireless-G one based on the Ralink RT500 chipset which also supports WPA. Mandriva wouldn’t work with either of them, even after using drakconnect to try to get it to recognise them. Which was rather annoying.

Considering Bluetooth worked so well, the fact that it wouldn’t accept two Wifi cards based on different chipsets was rather annoying.


  1. You tend to have to use ndiswrapper with most wireless cards I think. Linux driver support for these things is still very poor.
    I tried it once but gave up. I ended up buying an ethernet wireless bridge to make it much easier.

  2. I didn’t really make it clear in the post, but:
    1. Both wireless cards have open source Linux drivers for them
    2. Mandriva actually includes these drivers in its distro
    So why didn’t they work?

  3. Good qyestion. That’s odd, to say the least.
    I don’t know anything about getting WiFi working on Linux, unfortunately, so I can’t help you with this. 🙁 Good luck.

  4. Hmmm, can’t answer that Neil. I’m sure the best place to look is in the Mandriva forums or maybe Linuxquestions.
    I gave up on this distro when it was called Mandrake. I had no end of upgrade issues with it and it was too buggy for me.

  5. It’s really works and you must not boot up Mandriva Linux with the bluetooth adapter plugged in.